SkavaSTUDIO is an experience management solution. The visual authoring tool gives brands the ability to build and self-manage their digital experience for web, mobile, tablet and native environments. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to drag-and-drop elements onto a page to build out a digital experience quickly and easily without having to perform any coding. Small to large teams can create marketing landing pages, microsites, full digital catalogs, and mobile commerce sites. SkavaSTUDIO is an experience manager that gives teams complete control and autonomy over their digital experiences. The WYSIWYG builder allows teams to harness the power of their ecommerce systems and provides the flexibility to build out either completely separate or unified experiences.


Ready-to-use widgets

Multiple ready to use widgets such as hero banner, form builder, product carousel, hotspots, category grid and multimedia such as video players.

Dynamic interactive elements

Enable interactive elements such as zooming capabilities, hotspots, product explorer page, and swiping navigation to enhance the digital experience.

SkavaSTUDIO allows you to add interactive hotspots, where end-users can hover over products and preview information about the product. Hover over a number to see example product details.


Gold mirror $50


Gray sofa $900


White nesting tables $200


Gold framed art $15

WYSIWYG editor and WYSIWYG builder

A user experience tool that empowers business users to deploy experiences on an intuitive and simple user interface offers the flexibility to create experiences on the fly without having to perform any coding.

Unified experience management

Deploy experiences on all channels and gain a centralized experience management system.

Workflow processes and user permission sets

SkavaSTUDIO allows for smoother experience management with workflow processes and user permission sets. Each user is given a certain level of permission to streamline the deployment process and prevent deployment mistakes. As each user makes changes to specific elements of the experience they’ve been assigned to, the admin user can then push the finalized version live.

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