Our Flexible React/Node Storefront is Designed for Change

Our React/Node Storefront is Designed for Change

Atomic and Modular Design Methodology

For fast and efficient development, our standards-based Atomic Design Pattern allows developers to reuse code from small UI elements like buttons or icons to larger building blocks to rapidly construct UI components, Templates and Pages.

A Modular Design Pattern makes customization and maintenance a snap and allows you to safely integrate with off the shelf third-party applications. Satisfy your unique requirements, even as they change, without impacting main source code.

Lightning fast performance

Our API-driven front end leverages modern browser enhancements and asynchronous server-side rendering to enhance UI performance. Autoloading, speculative loading and faster “time to first content” mean higher visitor satisfaction and conversion rates.

Cutting-edge user experience

Extend your front end to any device or screen — your way. From features that mimic native app UI and functionality like push notifications for abandoned carts to interactive experiences using cameras, accelerometers, and geolocation.  

As technology evolves, there is no need to go back to the drawing board. Leverage your existing investments in technology to keep moving ahead.