Skava Offers a Full Suite of Ready-to-Use Customizable Microservices

Skava Commerce is a modern commerce solution built on microservices. It’s nimble, freeing you up to transform ideas into experiences at lightning speed, without the friction and complexity of legacy monolithic packages.

“With microservices, you can create an architecture ecosystem that allows you to change anytime, all the time.”

– Accenture

Skava Commerce Microservices are:

  • Extensible and Future Proof – The world of commerce is changing daily, we help you keep up. Designed for continuous change, support all shoppable moments and capture every opportunity.
  • Flexible, Robust and Highly Scalable – Deploy any subset of microservices — or the entire platform. Host it on site or in the cloud — it’s your choice. Make changes to any microservice without impacting others or breaking the platform.
  • Adaptable – Mix and match data between microservices — share user data between stores, but keep separate catalogs. Launch a microsite with a single product as easily as a new product. You have the flexibility to make commerce experiences happen anywhere any time, without bogging you down in cross-functional meetings for weeks.
  • Agile on your schedule – Microservices are standalone business capabilities such as recommendations, promotions, loyalty, cart, and checkout. Every team can own and deploy a microservice with greater freedom. Teams can work with greater independence to scale easily and quickly as your business grows

Digital Commerce Microservices


Give your customers options by supporting split orders, B2B ordering rules, wish lists and save for later. Give yourself options with seasonal catalogs and common carting across unrelated catalogs.


Store everything about your customers in one place, from names and preferences to OAuth tokens and credit card hashes.


Maintain fine-grained control over which back-office users can access and modify data with an audit trail of changes.


From transactional emails to push notifications, send internal and external users the information they need so they can act fast and respond quickly wherever they are.


The single source of tax truth for your store, integrating with leading online tax providers and providing fail-safe taxation if they aren’t available, so you can always take orders.


Authorize credit cards, checks, gift cards, and 3rd party wallets through a single gateway, making it easy to collect payment anywhere.


Supporting multiple fulfillment sources, it’s a snap to maintain inventory in different distribution centers, integrate real-time inventory and fulfill from physical stores.


Your promotions are as unique as your business, and our microservice can model them. From simple BOGO promotions to a+b+c qualifying discounts, it’s all out of the box and configurable through a web browser.

Store Locator

Keeping customers up to date with information and promotions. With our access controls, you can push store data to every store, or manage it centrally.


Managing shipping options has never been easier. Integrate all your shipping providers into a single service, and instantly receive shipping quotes and time in transit for the entire cart or by the line item.


Search comes pre-integrated with your catalog, with flexible rules for display ranking, synonyms, redirects, plus the ability to index non-store content such as user guides or FAQs.


Out of the box, our recommendations engine gathers user behavior signals from across the application and generates per-product recommendations and top sellers.


No matter if your requirements call for a wish list, a wedding registry, or a list shared between friends, our service is ready and includes built-in CSR tools to allow agents to update and modify lists on behalf of customers.


The ability to earn, track and redeem rewards are all supported by our Loyalty microservice.  

Product Information Microservices


No matter if your store uses a single catalog or multiple catalogs with different products, the same easy interface allows SKU setup and decoration, assignment to categories and maintenance.


Provide full control over presentation and style and allow your customers to find what they are looking for with our web-based page builder, per-SKU templates, relevance, and filter options.


There is no limit to the number of available price lists, so if you need just a single price list, seasonal price lists, negotiated price lists or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Bring data into your store in a snap with our ingest service. No matter if your data is in a spreadsheet or an enterprise ERP, linking and updating data on-demand or on a schedule is easy.


Some products require special treatment, from presentation rules to shipping restrictions. Assign product-related attributes that supersede the default behavior of the template, so your most critical products always are featured in the best way.

Order Management Microservices


Maintain and route orders with our CSR friendly web-based order maintenance capability. Cancel, refund, appease, split or duplicate orders, all in the same place and with the most current data.


Keep your customers up to date by keeping your digital commerce data, OMS, and WMS data in lockstep. Update status from across the enterprise and give your customers the information they need to keep them off the phone.


The Skava CSR tool provides an interface to modify an order, apply appeasements, change shipping terms without switching screens. Making things right for your customer has never been easier.

Business to Business Commerce


Customers can self on-board or are routed for approval, with account level controls for payment and shipping terms.


Allow your customers to design approval workflows, cost centers, preferred brands, and spending limits, on their own.


Send your customers a custom quote they can review and purchase online.


Offer your customers physical goods subscriptions, supporting pre-bill, post-bill with any subscription period.