Skava provides an orchestration layer for the different services to coordinate with each other to provide useful capabilities. This orchestration layer ensures that the frequent and repeatable processes are streamlined and optimized to provide accurate and prompt end-to-end processing. These services can be executed in parallel or asynchronously. The orchestration layer supports both operational and administrative functions.

Just like the different microservices, Skava orchestration also provides API endpoints for various orchestration activities such as orchestration APIs for orders, catalogs, carts, customers, accounts, lists, ping and cache.

The orchestration layer is based on Apache Camel and can be customized to modify the behavior of the platform for individual and for composite REST microservices. With Skava there are several forms of orchestration that can be modified.


With each microservice equipped with an Apache Camel route, you can make changes to the existing behavior of the microservice or update the Camel route to point to your specific service.

Accurate Data Management

Composite services are core services that have been implemented using multiple microservices. These have been built as Camel orchestrations. The behavior of these composite services can also be modified by changing the composite orchestrations, adding or removing steps, or invoking additional internal or external services.

Real-Time Alerts

Flexible thresholds for alerts on “low stock” as well as “out-of-stock” items to ensure a great customer experience.

Admin Control

Additionally, there are Camel orchestration services which support administrative features. These orchestration services can be extended and modified in parallel to the storefront orchestration, allowing additional or changed functionality for administrative features.

Download the Storefront Orchestration product sheet to learn more.