The Skava Commerce pricing microservice empowers you to create and manage multiple price lists. Define your own pricing model and set localized pricing for products. Skava Pricing utilizes a rigorous project-based approval workflow based on assigned roles and permissions, full versioning to ensure that only approved prices are surfaced to the customer.

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Unlimited Price Lists

Easily model complex pricing with unlimited price lists and price types. Pricing supports multiple price lists each with its own currency to enable commerce in multiple geographies. Supports Business-to-Consumer (B2C) where price lists are associated with the store as well as Business-to-Business (B2B) where price lists can be associated with different accounts within the store.

Unlimited Price Types

Pricing also supports an unlimited number of price types in each price list in addition to the system provided prices such as Transaction Price, Bundle Price, Subscription, and Floor Price.

Flexible Pricing Model

Define custom price types with a user-defined pricing model. The following price types are supported natively:

  • User-defined (variable) price with a pre-configured minimum and maximum for items such as gift cards
  • Supports any SKU identified by an ID which can contain all of the prices as required
  • Quantity-based (tiered) prices with an unlimited number of tiers
  • Scheduled prices with an unlimited number of schedules
  • Any combination of quantity-based and scheduled prices with one default or evergreen price
  • Subscription pricing as a percentage off from the transaction price
  • Regional price lists to address different regions

Bulk Import and Export

Create and update pricing data through the import tool. Export pricing data using the pricing export tool.

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