Skava Commerce Lists microservice allows your online customers to create lists of your products to buy later, or share with someone else. Out-of-thebox, the Skava List ecommerce microservice supports common types of lists including Wish List, Favorites and Save For Later, as well as more complex use cases like the registry.

Build a Memorable List Experience

The List microservice offers the ability to create engaging and interactive registry and wish list experiences. A registry site can be built using dynamic, eye-catching elements to connect audiences to special moments in their lives.

Save Multiple Lists

Users have the ability to save to favorites, save a private wish list, or save a public wish list with others. They can even create birthday lists, party lists and their own custom lists to share with others more efficiently. 

Advanced Sharing Capabilities

Customers have the ability to set sharing preferences to private, add items to their favorites list or create custom lists to share with loved ones.

Easy Navigation and Selection

When browsing a product, users can choose from a picklist of lists they’ve created and can add any selected item to that list. Marketers can simply add this functionality to any existing online experience for easy navigation. 

Download the List product sheet to learn more.