The Skava digital Catalog microservice provides catalog editors and managers the ability to create and manage rich, transaction-ready product content in multiple, hierarchically defined catalogs. The Catalog microservice creates and manages structured as well as unstructured product content in the form of products, SKUs (variants of product) and product attributes.

Build an ecommerce catalog that can easily integrate with other existing back-end commerce systems. The catalog builder has a system for content and product management. Catalog management via the catalog microservice simplifies the deployment process, has an intuitive user-interface for both customers and business users, and as easily customizable.

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Flexible Enrichment

Provides flexible product/SKU enrichment and content management in multiple locales (language, geography) to enable ecommerce in multiple geographies.

Fast and Easy Bulk Updates

Quickly and easily make updates of thousands of products and SKUs using an intuitive import and export file tool with accurate data validation and error-checking.


Create consistent product enrichment for attribute and variant groups. Catalog supports both static and computed (dynamic) attributes, rich text for descriptions and any field and data type. Set your images and digital assets as attributes.

Product Types

Supports multiple product types (physical and digital), multiple product constructs (collections and bundles) and product variants based on attributes (size, color, style or any other user-defined attribute).

Bulk Import and Export

The attribute import tool allows you to create and update product/SKU and attribute data and export the same data using the catalog export tool.

Search, Filter and Sort

Allow shoppers to easily find products with Catalog’s search, filter, and sort functionality.

Role-based access

Supports roles and permissions flexibility down to the attribute level.

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