Skava Cart microservice supports all the unique ecommerce features and functionalities to deliver a seamless cart experience. From adding a shipping address, making a payment and reviewing order details before completion, you have the flexibility to set specific rules for different orders.

Seamless Single Page Checkout

Reduce the number of steps take at checkout for faster customer experience.

Tax, Address Validation, Fraud Payment

With available APIs, easily integrate with TaxCloud, CyberSource, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and more to support your checkout needs.

Omnichannel Cart

Provide guest and registered users a single cart experience across digital touch points for a consistent look and feel. 

High Converting Applications

Increase your conversion rate by delivering personalized checkout experiences across all touch points.

Shared Cart Experience

Allow your customers to view the same cart across multiple stores.

Cart Actions

  • Add items to the cart
  • View the items in the cart
  • Edit the cart
  • Delete items from the cart
  • Associate user information with the cart
  • Associating delivery address and delivery methods to a cart (available both at an item level and at overall cart level)

Checkout Actions

  • Calculate the current cart’s payment
  • Associate payment information with cart
  • Order submission

Download the Cart microservice product sheet to learn more.