The Skava Commerce Accounts microservice is the driving force behind Skava B2B. Accounts automates and helps integrate the B2B process across buyers and sellers. While the buyer organizations can manage cost centers, and budgets, the seller organizations can manage the contracts, user accounts, and more. With Contracts, the seller organizations can enable specific sales catalog price lists, and payment methods for specific buyer organizations.

Account Contract Management

Manage contracts for each account and track credit limits, payment types allowed such as credit cards and purchase orders.

Account Management by Account Representatives

Using the Accounts microservice, account managers and representatives can manage individual accounts.

Cost Center and User Accounts

Business administrators and managers can manage the cost centers, user accounts, establish budgets as well as manage order approvals through workflows.

User Management

Skava Accounts helps mage both buyers and sellers, the two account types of users that we typically see in B2B scenarios.

Role-based access

Supports roles and permissions flexibility down to the attribute level.

Download the Accounts product sheet to learn more.