Evolve with your customers with a future-proof microservices architecture for commerce

Modern ecommerce microservices

Modern ecommerce microservices

Evolve with your customers with a future-proof microservices architecture for commerce

Innovate faster with Skava’s microservices for commerce.

Microservices give you the flexibility you need to enhance your ecommerce platform more easily than on a monolithic platform.

Manage each component individually and be more efficient to market your products faster.

Monolithic architecture vs. Microservices architecture

Monolith vs Microservices
Monolith vs. microservices mobile

Skava’s Digital Commerce Microservices provide the foundation for your digital commerce solution.

From merchandising to checkout, Skava provides microservices for all the functions of your store, and the glue that holds them together.

The Microservices Architecture

Combining the advantages of SaaS and the flexibility of a fully custom solution, Skava introduces a new paradigm in commerce architecture.

Unlike monolithic legacy platforms, microservices are decoupled in nature and can be deployed and updated independently, allowing your business to make significant changes to one part of your system without impacting others. Target the most important areas of your business and evolve your commerce technology rapidly and efficiently.

Skava Commerce Microservices are:

  • Extensible and Future Proof – The world of commerce is changing daily, we help you keep up. Designed for continuous change, support all shoppable moments and capture every opportunity.
  • Flexible, Robust and Highly Scalable – Deploy any subset of microservices — or the entire platform. Host it on site or in the cloud — it’s your choice. Make changes to any microservice without impacting others or breaking the platform.
  • Adaptable – Mix and match data between microservices — share user data between stores, but keep separate catalogs. Launch a microsite with a single product as easily as a new product. You have the flexibility to make commerce experiences happen anywhere any time, without bogging you down in cross-functional meetings for weeks.
  • Agile on your schedule – Microservices are standalone business capabilities such as recommendations, promotions, loyalty, cart, and checkout. Every team can own and deploy a microservice with greater freedom. Teams can work with greater independence to scale easily and quickly as your business grows

Digital Commerce Microservices

Skava’s Digital Commerce Microservices provide the foundation for your digital commerce solution. From cart and checkout to taxes, Skava provides microservices for all the functions of your store, and the glue to hold them together.


The Cart and Checkout microservice provides ecommerce shopping cart functionality at any touchpoint. Providing the full capabilities via API, the omnichannel Cart and Checkout is at your users’ fingertips wherever they are. Plus, it supports split payments, B2B ordering rules, wish lists and save for later. Easily handle seasonal changes and common carting across unrelated catalogs.

What’s included?

  • 64 API Endpoints
  • Omnichannel cart: Consistent cart for registered users across different devices and touchpoints.
  • Exposable APIs: Support all cart modifications such as adding items, promotions, addresses, payments and to place an order

Cart calculators: Use business logic to apply cart calculations and changes to the entire cart at once, regardless of line item discounts.


Manage all customer information such as registrations, orders, addresses, privacy and consent preferences. Store all customer data in one place.

What’s included?

  • 43 API Endpoints and a dedicated admin interface
  • Rich, secure profiles: Store millions of rich user profiles with full historical customer data and preferences. Store PII and billing information in our PCI compliant microservices to support reorder and one-touch payments.
  • User management: Manage all customer information like signups, names, emails, phone numbers.
  • Address books: Manage customer address book for shipping and billing addresses
  • GDPR compliance: Manage GDPR compliance settings.
  • Custom attributes: Store, manage and modify customer attributes at any time.

Social sign on: Support social login for Google, Facebook and more. Extend the custom authenticator interface to add any social sign on option.


Manage notifications from order confirmation emails to credit card declines in our central dispatch service. Choose which notifications are forwarded on to your customers over which channel: SMS, push notifications, and email.

What’s included?

  • 20 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Custom events: Create custom notifications based on a configurable combination of events, with customized outgoing notifications.
  • One interface for all notifications: Manage what action needs to be taken for events raised from any microservice, either because of intervention from business users or your end customers.

Easy integrations: Integrate with leading marketing notification vendors to seamlessly provide a rich set of email SMS, and push notification capabilities.


Integrate with leading online tax providers and provide fail-safe taxation services so you can always take orders.

What’s included?

  • 14 API Endpoints
  • Pre-build integration: Pre-integrated with popular services to speed your development.
  • Per SKU taxation: Control taxation per-SKU to ensure compliance.

One tax engine for your entire enterprise: The single source of truth for all your enterprise taxation requirements. Easily extends to any area of your business.


Support multiple payment providers and currencies, and make receiving payments easier with advanced capabilities.

What’s included?

  • 47 API Endpoints
  • Abstraction: Keep payment integration compartmentalized into a single interface accessed by your enterprise.
  • Flexible payment interface: Extend to any channel, touchpoint or area of your enterprise. Change payment providers at any time.

Modular interface: Support quick changes to payment providers easily at any time.


Author and apply targeted offers and related pricing incentives to products and services sold through your ecommerce storefront or other channels, such as CSR and POS.

What’s included?

  • 51 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Rules-based engine: Provides a flexible, rules-based approach to manage even your most complex promotions workflow visually.
  • Flexible rule evaluation: Define rule patterns based on a range of expressions consisting of various logical operators and data models that represent product information, user data, shipment type, location, payment or any custom-defined fields.  Prevent stacking and manage maximum discounts easily.
  • Promotion types: Support different types of coupon codes such as single user / single-use, multi-user / multi-use or any permutation of the user, usage, and time.

Auditing and approvals: Project-based workflow approval with audit trail and versioning for each promotion.


Upload, manage and query all store location data from one interface.

What’s included?

  • 26 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Easy data ingest: Upload store information feed data to configure store details including location, hours, and events. Supports an unlimited number of physical and digital stores.

Locator: Support store location across all devices with advanced search capabilities. Integrate easily with your choice of popular map providers.


Calculate shipping costs using a variety of variables, including basket contents and shipping addresses. Define multiple rates based on shipping address, offer multiple shipping methods per zone, and add rules under the methods based on product shipping class.

What’s included?

  • 15 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Shipping logic: Configure and manage delivery areas, shipping restrictions, and rate calculation rules.
  • Shipping methods: Set up shipping methods and configure business logic to calculate rates by shipping zone.

SKUs with special shipping: Ensure oversized and overweight items are correctly assigned to the right shipping classes.


Take control of searchandising with our inbuilt search. Search comes pre-integrated with our catalog, flexible rules for display ranking, synonyms, and redirects.

What’s included?

  • 13 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Type-ahead suggestions: Boost by attributes, search term, popularity, context, departments, brands, historical sales. Get available filters and results as you type.
  • Relevant search results: Use automatic stemming, synonym mapping, refinement and sort, and normalization. Configure weighting, curate results or group by category or brands.

Analytics: Measure and track user behavior by top keywords, cart additions, conversions, AOV, null results, and exits.


Personalize your merchandising. Out of the box, our recommendations engine gathers user behavior signals from across the application and generates per-product recommendations and top sellers.

What’s included?

  • 8 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Administrative Panel Interface: Configure the variables and weightings of each strategy,
  • Product-based recommendations: Supports bought together, global and category top sellers, suggested for you, similar products and also viewed.
  • Personalized recommendations: Includes recently viewed, others viewed, you might like, and favorite brands and categories.

Analytics and reporting: Get a variety of standard and custom reports to measure revenue and improve merchandising strategies.


Create, manage and maintain wish lists and registries for both registered and guest users.

What’s included?

  • 29 API Endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Multiple lists: Support favorites lists and occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements or graduation.
  • Advanced sharing capabilities: Create and share extended shopping lists for friends and families across any network (social, SMS, email).

Single list service for the entire enterprise: Provide wish list services across your enterprise to any system which can consume an API.


Allow customers to earn, track, and redeem rewards across devices and channels.

What’s included?

  • 53 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Earn, approve and redeem points: Buyers can earn and redeem points for various actions. Points are approved automatically or via a batch system.
  • Redemption options: Easily integrate redemption options such as vouchers, coupons, products in kind, cash back, pay with points and more.
  • Registration, sharing, gifting: Allow shoppers to gift points and earn points for referring a friend and other actions. Reduce friction by registering users automatically or using a very simple workflow.
  • Promotions: Reward purchase and non-transactional activity with points.

Easy integrations: Integrate into your existing user management, OMS, and CRM systems using rich, secure and scalable APIs.


Prevent fraud and reduce the number of undeliverable packages with our built-in Address Validation Service.

What’s included?

  • 3 API Endpoints
  • Pre-built integrations: Speed your development and deployment
  • International AVS support: Ship internationally with confidence

User override control: Accept or reject user-entered address overrides


Rapidly set up and manage unlimited new storefronts on the cloud.

What’s included?

  • 13 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • New store set up: Stand up a new store and choose your mix of microservices and front end.

Unlimited stores: Create any number of services collections for any specific business need.

Product Information Management

Skava’s inbuilt product information management service (PIM) is designed to be the central catalog for your enterprise. Including support for multiple catalogs, price lists, and currencies, you can sell anything anywhere. Our inventory service lets you set soft and hard inventory limits, replacement items, and bin information. Make it shoppable with our merchandising microservice, which can specify where and how a product is featured, getting the right product to your customers.


Create and manage rich, transaction-ready product content in multiple, hierarchically defined catalogs.

What’s included?

  • 76 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Flexible enrichment: Decorate your SKUs and manage content in multiple locales (language, geography) to enable ecommerce in multiple geographies
  • Multi-catalog support: Manage multiple sales catalogs (B2B and/or B2C) from a single master.
  • Auditing and workflows: Project-based workflow approval with audit trail and versioning for each SKU or Product

Dynamic attributes: Support both static attributes and computed (dynamic) attributes


Provide full control over presentation and style and allow your customers to find what they are looking for with our web-based page builder, per-SKU templates, relevance, and filter options.

What’s included?

  • 38 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Internationalization: Supports multiple locales (language, geography)
  • Visual merchandising: Drag and drop content from your catalog to create unique shopping experiences and custom categories and landing pages. Place and move products and marketing creatives within a page defined by the user-selected template
  • Presentation: Control site navigation, product hierarchy, and taxonomy within your catalog. Create and manage with drag and drop interface and tree view
  • Rules-based merchandising: Set and define rules to create and show specific categories and assortments within a page without IT. Supports multiple categories including static and dynamic categories
  • API response: Provides the entire merchandise data in a well-known JSON to integrate with any storefront or CMS

Approval workflow: Project-based workflow approval with audit trail and versioning for each entity such as Milestone, Category, Site Navigation


Create and manage multiple price lists, each with its own currency and optional price types.

What’s included?

  • 50 API endpoints
  • Unlimited price lists: Easily model complex pricing with, supporting unlimited price lists which can be associated with your catalog
  • Unlimited prices and types: Price lists support Transaction Price, Bundle Price, Subscription, and Floor Price
  • Flexible pricing: Set user-defined pricing with a pre-configured minimum and maximum for items such as gift cards, quantity-based (tiered) prices with unlimited number of tiers, scheduled prices with unlimited number of schedules, any combination of quantity-based and scheduled prices with one default price (evergreen price), Subscription pricing as a % off from the transaction price

Workflow and auditing: Project-based workflow approval with audit trail and versioning for each price list. Approved projects push prices to the production environment without a restart.


Support multiple fulfillment sources, maintain inventory in different distribution centers, integrate real-time inventory and fulfill from physical stores.

What’s included?

  • 31 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Unlimited bin support: Create and manage bins with full inventory visibility for any item in any bin

Inventory management: Block/unblock inventory to ensure your customers receive what they expect. Administrators can add, remove, transfer and reconcile (what), set thresholds for “low stock” and “out of stock” alerts, and import “Bin” and “Bin Item” information from external sources for quick and accurate inventory data management

Order Management Microservices

Skava’s Order Management Microservices organize order and fulfillment data into a single pane of glass, allowing your CSRs to understand, modify and address customer order issues. Reduce the friction of customer service with our Order Management Microservice, which shows all orders flowing through your store, down to line item detail including line item returns and cancellations. The fulfillment interface provides information on complex orders, including internal fulfillment status and shipping details on multiple shipments.


Access orders across all channels including webstores, mobile apps, POS, call center, or IoT devices. Maintain and route orders, cancel, refund, appease, or duplicate orders.

What’s included?

  • 25 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Single source of truth: Bring orders from all sales channels into one central system
  • Flexible management: View and sort orders and related customer information View all order details, including taxes, and promotions applied. Configure and customize line item level order workflow definition through a BPM flow, Manage Order and Item Returns and Order Cancellations
  • Full-cycle order management: Create and manage ecommerce or in-store orders. Search and track orders by a range of criteria. Multiple omnichannel product return options.


Review the status of any order via the fulfillment interface, even if it has been split into multiple orders with multiple shippers.

What’s included?

  • 19 API endpoints
  • Communicate with your OMS: Create fulfillment requests that can be shown along with the order detail when the items are picked up for multiple shipments

Support for complex order status: Manage the transaction details of different shipments that contain the shipment tracking URL, next possible order item statuses and any other shipping related details

Business to Business Microservices

Skava supports a wide range of functions to make managing a store selling to other business a breeze. Create accounts with limits with designated buyers in the Accounts microservice. Set up detailed user roles, including restrictions, pre-approved transactions, and item substitutions. New in Skava, we support ongoing physical good subscriptions to make repeat orders a snap to set up and manage.


Maintain fine-grained control over which back-office users can access and modify data with an audit trail of changes.

What’s included?

  • 61 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Authorization rules: Standard roles for typical ecommerce retailers available out-of-the-box
  • Roles and users: Create custom roles based on available privileges to meet business-specific needs. Invite users to specific roles and businesses


Allow customers to self-onboard or be routed for approval, with account level controls for payment and shipping terms.

What’s included?

  • 68 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Account management: Enable your B2B customers to manage and onboard buyers. Set account types, contract catalogs, pricing, and credit terms
  • Permissions: Customer admins can manage their buyers, set up teams and budgets, and set product, amount, and delivery limitations
  • Manage buyers: Account admins can self-administer their buyer users

Approval rules: Setup approval rules including auto approvals based on limits and manage substitutions


Send your customers a custom quote they can review and purchase online on their own timeline.

What’s included?

  • 46 API endpoints and a dedicated administrative panel
  • Custom quotes: Allow customers to request for quote, or build and send a custom quote for your customers
  • Authorization workflow: Ensure quote discounts are approved before they are sent to customers
  • Quote adjust: Adjust prices on a quote request and respond with a proposal
  • Customer requested quotes: Customers can request quotes to be created for selected items

Custom pricing: Reward your best customers by creating custom pricing on a per-order basis


Allow your customers to design approval workflows, cost centers, preferred brands, and spending limits, on their own.

What’s included?

  • 44 API endpoints
  • Manage user accounts: Allow B2B customers to manage their own user accounts, approve buyers and set rules to manage their online spend
  • Multi-level approvals: Support tiered, limit based, or product based approvals
  • Email-based workflow approvals: Speed up approvals
  • Auto-approvals: Set auto-approval thresholds for specific products

Reporting: Give customers visibility into what their buyers are purchasing


Offer your customers physical goods subscriptions, supporting pre-bill, post-bill with any subscription period.

What’s included?

  • 14 API endpoints
  • Subscription pricing: Set special prices based on quantity, number of orders and amount, all with floor price protection
  • Scheduling: Allow users to specify how much of a product they need, and when it should be delivered
  • Customer offers: Create subscription offers
  • Default shipping: Specify default shipping methods for subscribed goods
  • Retry: Automatically retry payments on failed subscriptions.