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Cheat Sheet: How to Get Executive Buy-In for Microservices

Microservices architecture has been steadily gaining traction over the past several years. In 2015, Gartner reported that 68% of organizations were using or investigating microservices. Without commercial, ready-to-use options, early adopters built their own frameworks and microservices for digital commerce. But today, turnkey platforms and a-la-carte microservices are available from third-party vendors, helping accelerate time-to-market […]

Why NoSQL for Ecommerce Microservices?

One of the perks of microservices architecture is the flexibility to “use the right tools for the job.” For developers who want to experiment with different programming languages and frameworks, their microservices can still play nicely with other microservices built with different stacks thanks to microservices’ independence and well-defined APIs. This flexibility also applies to […]

How Microservices Help You Beat Your Release Cycle

One of the biggest advantages of moving from monolithic architecture to microservices is the speed of delivery. While not every component of your commerce system needs frequent updating, granting those that do independence from your monolith and other services allows you to push code hourly or daily, rather than weekly or quarterly. No matter how […]

Embracing Non-traditional Touchpoints

When you hear omnichannel — what comes to mind? Mobile, in-store, perhaps a physical catalog or call center? In 2019, omnichannel is omnitouchpoint — serving your customer anywhere they interact with brands, content, influencers and their peers. Omnitouchpoint goes beyond traditional “channels” and incorporates emerging engagement points such as AI-driven chatbots, connected devices such as […]

Going Phygital: Bringing the Digital Experience In-Store

Though ecommerce sales make up just 10% of total US retail sales, digital influences half. To keep pace with customer expectations and close experience gaps across touchpoints, retailers are making serious investments to extend digital commerce beyond their .com storefronts into physical stores. Forty-five percent of digital retail executives are expanding, upgrading or investing in […]

Why Microservices for Digital Commerce are Gaining Analyst Recognition

Implementing Microservices as an alternative to a heavy, monolithic architecture is an exciting IT trend that’s gaining momentum amongst Digital Commerce customers and vendors worldwide. At the Adobe Summit in March, Adobe’s Senior Product Manager Martin Buergi shared that 36% of Adobe Marketing Cloud customers surveyed have at least “several [microservices] projects live,” and 64% […]

Demystifying Microservices for Ecommerce

Why are business leaders increasingly moving away from legacy platforms and architecture in favor of more nimble environments? In today’s “anything can transact” world, the pressure is on to accommodate new customer journeys and touchpoints, as well as maintain and improve internal systems to suit the unique needs of the business across channels. Monolithic platforms […]

Monolithic Commerce Platforms: Too Big to Succeed?

In today’s digital commerce age where new customer journeys, routes to market, digital touchpoints, business models and technologies rule, there remains a chasm between customer expectations and what an enterprise can deliver with legacy systems. Customers don’t care that something’s difficult, costly or risky to build and deliver. They don’t appreciate that your IT group […]