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Predictions for 2018

As new technologies emerge and mature over time, these technologies are continuously changing the digital and physical shopping landscape. Increasing efficiency, improving the UX and simplifying everyday activities are all key in enhancing the shopping experience. With the new era of technology, companies need to find innovative ways to outpace their competitors. At NRF Big […]

Machine Learning is Bringing Shopping Experiences to Life

What is machine learning? According to Arthur Samuel, pioneer of computer gaming and artificial intelligence, “Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” Samuel coined the term “machine learning” in 1959 during his time at IBM, and it has been widely used ever since. This kind of machine learning and artificial […]

Mobile Web Design Approaches You Need to Know

As smartphone use has become increasingly common, so have mobile-optimized websites. Online companies are often confronted with having to choose between three different mobile web design approaches: responsive, dynamic serving, and separate mobile web design. Determining the best choice is not always simple or obvious, as it largely depends on the particularities of a company’s […]

Introduction to Mobile SEO

As mobile has become a breakout trend in ecommerce, mobile SEO has become increasingly important. There are three well-known web design approaches: separate mobile sites, dynamic serving and responsive web design (RWD). There’s been a great deal of confusion about which approaches are best for mobile SEO, in recent years, due to the divergence of […]