Skava was founded by the husband and wife team of Arish Ali and Sudha Varadarajan in 2002. Initially focused on developing mobile retail solutions. Working side by side with major retailers, Skava discovered that many companies were unable to realize their online goals, as their legacy commerce systems were tricky to develop for and harder to innovate on.

This gave birth to Skava Commerce, a microservices solution for digital commerce, which allows retailers to rapidly test, build and deploy features for any device, without the friction and difficulties associated with the legacy platforms currently on the market.  

Skava’s vision for the future became clear: to transform and empower businesses to easily develop and deploy delightful commerce experiences and preserve their brand.

Our Mission

At Skava, we understand the rapid pace of digital commerce transformation. Constantly changing customer behaviors, emerging technologies and a new generation of modern digital experiences must all be answered to stay ahead of the competition.

Many companies are still using legacy systems never intended to move as quickly as the modern market requires. The good news is catching up doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Skava’s modern commerce solutions free you from your existing technology with a robust microservices architecture designed to keep pace with your customers and accelerate their digital commerce journey.

We’re working together to simplify the way you build fresh customer experiences and bring your ideas to life without the roadblocks of legacy systems.

So you can focus on what matters. Your customers.