Skava Commerce 8: The Hero of Today’s Modern Commerce

We’re excited to release Skava Commerce 8, bringing in new capabilities to our cloud microservices platform for B2B and B2C. We’ve listened to your feedback and incorporated major updates that improve the platform in almost every way.

Introducing Skava Cloud and Skava Enterprise:  

    • Skava Cloud: Skava now supports a fully hosted toolbox for customers. This allows customers to use Skava’s Microservices in a fully configured production environment hosted by Skava.
    • Skava Enterprise: Skava Enterprise is our full platform stack, supporting deep customization and extension, a variety of hosting options, and the flexibility to tackle the most complex use cases.

Business tools designed for business users – Many platforms neglect the business user, forcing them to navigate cumbersome interfaces and needlessly complex workflows. Skava’s business tools are created with the business user in mind, carefully organized to speed up common business tasks and delight your business users.

Smaller microservices  – We’ve broken large functions like PIM into smaller decomposed microservices for the most flexibility. PIM, for example, is broken down into Merchandising, Catalog, and Pricing, rather than one big microservice. Also, Skava now supports more than 800 endpoints with an API response time of less than 250 milliseconds.

    • Better orchestration – We’ve switched from Choreography (SkavaSTREAM) to Apache Camel Orchestration. Our orchestration layer supports more complex use cases and critically allows you to version different sites and brands, without forcing them all to operate in the same way.
    • Upgraded framework – We’ve upgraded the underlying frameworks and infrastructure layers to the most recent versions, and supporting RESTful interfaces.

State of the art storefront – Skava commerce comes with our T-Giant reference front end, built to the same modularity and flexibility standards as the rest of the platform. Using state of the art technologies such as react.js and node.js, and featuring thoughtful user-centric design choices throughout, our front end gives you options. Customize it, use as is, or apply it as the basis to build your own front end.  

Check out the latest webinar series, Skava Commerce 101. We’re showing off the awesome elements of our modular architecture. Register for part 1 and part 2 today!