Why you never need to rip and replace your commerce platform ever again

Have years of customizations and integrations turned your once state-of-the-art commerce system into a tangled architecture of half-solutions, patches, and hacks? Have developers come and gone leaving documentation unreliably out of date? Is your team crippled by technical debt?

If you’re like many digital enterprises, your legacy commerce platform is so large, complex and tightly coupled that new feature delivery (and even routine maintenance) is painfully slow and introduces risk into your environment.

And you know ripping and replacing your current monolithic platform won’t solve your challenges. Replatforming projects are slow, costly and force you to redo many customizations and integrations. During implementation, you’re stuck maintaining two systems. If your new platform is a monolith, it’s only a matter of time until it’s bogged down with the same issues as your current system.

The good news is you never need to do a “Big Bang” replatforming project ever again.

Migrating to a modern, modular architecture that supports more agile delivery can be achieved with the Strangler Pattern, a systematic replacement of monolithic components over time with microservices. This approach lets you take advantage of critical functionality faster with minimal disruption to existing systems. Instead of a shiny new, heavy monolith, your organization can leverage flexible and scalable architecture that supports agility and innovation.

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To learn more, check out our latest webinar: Strangle Your Monolith, Not Each Other.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • The problems of “Big Bang” replatforming
  • How you can bypass a “Big Bang” with the Strangler Pattern
  • The benefits of a modern, microservices architecture
  • Industry use cases and best practices for employing the Strangler Pattern


Want to break up with your commerce solution?

Join Skava and Mastek at our upcoming event in New York on November 7th. Jon Feldman of Skava has been in your shoes and experienced the warning signs of outgrowing your commerce platform. He’ll share the secrets of migrating to a microservices-based model that’s worked for many leading brands and ultimately, reach commerce nirvana.

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