Evolving with your customers with microservices

Why you need a digital commerce platform that evolves with your customers

Digital commerce is continuously evolving. Customer behaviors are changing, and new technologies are on the horizon. And businesses want to be disruptive along the way. Some brands are facing significant roadblocks to delivering better customer experiences that evolve with their customers.

So, what’s the problem? Your outdated commerce platform.

Legacy monolithic commerce platforms are holding you back from transforming your customer’s digital journey and owning your commerce ecosystem. You don’t have the freedom to experiment with new technologies and digital experiences without hurting the entire platform. One mistake can alter your systems and your teams will need to start over.

The modern solution to your infinite problems of broken systems, limited flexibility, and technical debt is a microservices digital commerce architecture. Microservices, as you might’ve heard, are standalone, independently deployable business applications. Each has a dedicated database, well-defined APIs, and an admin console that runs in its process. Microservices enable businesses to build, test, and deploy faster and are easier to develop and maintain as they’re broken into smaller, composable pieces that work well together.

From an IT perspective, a microservices architecture empowers your teams to build prototypes and experiment without relying on outside teams, allowing autonomy and agility in code production. Correspondingly, each team owns a business function and will only make changes to that particular microservice when necessary.

Compared to monolithic systems, microservices provide vital business and IT benefits that allow any business to scale, be more agile, and deploy faster. From digital giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Spotify, businesses are shifting from a monolithic architecture to microservices to deliver more scalable user experiences.

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