Voice Commerce and Microservices at IRCE

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) is arguably one of the largest and influential ecommerce conferences in the industry. The conference will take place next week in Chicago and we’ll be there.

Digital Commerce 360 says it’s “a conference like no other” and includes breakout sessions, networking events, and of course, swag and vendor parties. Conferences, similar to IRCE, provide immense opportunity to learn from your peers and ecommerce experts, how commerce and technology are evolving, and the consumer trends that you need to keep up with.

Skava is excited to be attending IRCE this year to showcase the latest 7.5 version of the Skava Commerce platform and how we’ve integrated voice to our microservice.

Why should I see a demo of Skava Commerce?

Skava Commerce is a modern, mobile first, cloud-hosted solution that employs loosely coupled architecture empowering brands to create outstanding and well differentiated digital experiences. We’ll show you how you can consume as much or as little of the platform as you want. Better yet, you don’t need to build the glue yourself between the services.

Because the platform is modular, you can gradually replace your legacy platform, shifting functions into services over time, without the danger of a big bang platform replacement.

SkavaSTUDIO Experience Manager: The platform includes a robust front end experience capabilities, allowing business users to make changes to the front end without involving IT.

Microservices: Each Skava microservice is its own encapsulation of business logic and data access layer that allows you to do various things, such as additional features and independently scale without affecting other microservices. Some of our most popular microservices include:

  • PIM
  • Promotions
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Loyalty
  • Search

Integrations: With Skava, you can integrate anything, in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Our API methodology is clear and well developed, and code can run alongside Skava, or in an external service. Integration flexibility to host alongside your app, off-premise, or 3rd party vendor.

Deployment Options: Deploy in the cloud, your cloud, our cloud or on-prem – Skava supports a variety of cloud providers and on-premise hosting options.

Business Tools: Skava is especially proud of our business user-facing tools, which are modern and intuitive.

Skava Commerce includes a modular React and Node.js based front end, which can be used with Skava, or used as the front end of any other ecommerce platform.  

Voice Commerce

Alexa, reorder toilet paper.

With voice-activated devices paving the way to the future (and the present) of digital shopping, we’ve added a new feature to our platform to allow shoppers to order products without a user interface.

We enabled voice commerce with Amazon Alexa and integrated with our APIs so your customers can reorder products based on their order history. When your customer orders a product, say toilet paper, it will send a text message to their device that order was placed. Then, that particular order information is sent over to the order management system (OMS), yet another microservice that Skava offers.

Swing by booth 1970 to see a demo of our Amazon Alexa capability and Skava’s microservices to learn how it can help you stay on top of customer-driven innovations.

We hope you add Skava to your game plan and we can’t wait to meet you!