Black Friday and Cyber Monday Highlights 2017 [Webinar]

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend have officially come to an end. As predicted, online sales were at an all-time high during Black Friday ($5.03 B in online sales) and Cyber Monday ($6.6 B in online sales).

Black Friday is increasingly about “Black November” and no longer a single day event,  with deals starting at the beginning of November. Amazon started their promotions 50 days before Black Friday and claimed between 45% and 50% of all online Black Friday sales. The online, especially mobile, and in-store experience are more prominent than ever before during the 5 day sales event.

For most retailers and online businesses, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most concentrated shopping period of the year within the U.S.

So, what’s next?

How are these numbers and trends beneficial to retailers? Is Black Friday still relevant to both brick and mortars and online? And the bigger question that clouds our minds throughout the year: how can I beat Amazon?

You need answers and we’ve got them. Skava’s ecommerce experience experts, Dave Barrowman (VP, Innovation) and Nick Velloff (VP, Product Experience) are teaming up for a live webinar on Thursday, December 7th to discuss Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends and activities and provide better insights that will help you strategize for next year.

Tune into the webinar to learn:

  • When consumers shopped the most
  • Overall traffic between iOS and Android  
  • Peak times by day
  • How the shift to mobile and online continues
  • Why in-store is still relevant to Black Friday weekend
  • Key insights that will help retailers strategize for next year

Reserve your spot today!