CodeNow and Infosys Foundation USA Transform Students Into Coding Wizards

Over 50 excited high school students shuffled through the glass doors of the Skava headquarters in San Francisco on Saturday December 3th.

What were over 50 high school students doing in a tech office on a Saturday morning? They were learning to code.

Infosys Foundation USA and CodeNow partnered together to host a coding boot camp for high school students from San Francisco. This is their fourth coding boot camp this year and continues to host more workshops across the Bay Area.

“As our Chairperson, Vandana Sikka says, we need to make more creators of technology, not just people who use it,” said Amrita Naik, Operations Manager of Infosys and Infosys Foundation USA.



High school students from San Francisco at the CodeNow / Infosys Foundation USA boot camp // photo credit: Infosys Foundation USA


Both organizations believe coding should be treated as a priority in schools just like reading and writing is. They strive to break the stereotypes of coding as being “geeky.”

During the 3 day workshop, students have the opportunity to build fun, interactive games using Ruby on Rails. Ten software engineers from Infosys Limited volunteered to connect with students and troubleshoot code.

CEO of CodeNow Neal Sales-Griffin believes that while teenagers are consuming a lot of technology, many of them don’t understand how it’s being made, who is making them, and how they work.

“Showing them that in the simplest form is a way to unlock their problem-solving abilities, but also keep them really excited and motivated to help people with this cool skill,” he said. “It’s more important to show them this is pretty much a way for them to be real world wizards where they can cast spells and make things.”

Infosys Foundation USA and CodeNow began partnering last year and has hosted three workshops since the partnership began in 2016, across the Bay Area. Students who want to participate in the workshop in their area, must apply and if accepted, they must complete some puzzles and other activities to prep for the workshop. That way, they come into the workshop prepared and ready to go.

The coding workshop will continue with its final day on Saturday, December 17th in the Skava office. After the students complete the workshop, they will have a better understanding of what programming is, a great start to becoming the coders of tomorrow.