Mobile and Digital Stores Dominate NRF Big Show

Skava, an Infosys company, powers the next generation of mobile, digital, and in-store experiences for leading brands across the globe. 

Mobile and store engagement dominated many conversations at NRF Big Show this year, as mobile and digital stores were the main focus. With presence at the Infosys and Samsung booth, Skava made big waves at this year’s show.

Digital Stores Dominating 2016 


Skava booth

From beacon technology to smart dressing rooms to digital signage, digital store experiences are becoming the forefront of retail. Retailers are continuously looking for more unique and entertaining ways to engage with shoppers.

Skava’s newest solutions for in-store attracted many attendees at the show. Our team demonstrated Skava’s Appointment App solution and Digital Signage at the Samsung booth.

With Skava’s Appointment App, customers can schedule appointments with advisors or stylists in a store and directly communicate with the store associate via the app. Customers can check-in on a kiosk at the store or using their mobile device when they show up to their appointment. Skava’s Appointment App seamlessly integrates with the existing retail app.

Skava’s digital signage solution attracts customers in and outside of a store such as a shopping mall or airport. Retailers can display specific products or brands with a QR code integrated. Using their mobile device, customers can scan the QR code and receive the data through the app or website. After doing so, customers can shop for and purchase the product they scanned from the digital signage.

The Concern Over Customer Engagement

While Big Show is about engaging in conversations with top-level executives in the ecommerce space and interacting with the coolest and latest technologies, many retailers have expressed their concern over creating a more engaging shopping experience on mobile and in-store.

Skava had many conversations with retailers who are struggling to target and sell to certain demographics. For example, some retailers are successful selling to boomers and generation X groups than millennials. Meanwhile, some luxury brands expressed concern over feeling behind in mobile commerce.


Skava showcasing at Infosys booth

Retailers are still figuring out how omni-channel fits their strategy. Other concerns include customer knowledge, clienteling, digital signage, ecatalogs, gift guides and finders, mobile point of sale, endless aisle, mobile apps and mobile web, beacon technology, and ultimately engage customers.

Digitizing in-store is making a big push this year and Skava is building these solutions for retailers that are looking for the most engagement in and out of store.


Skava showcasing digital signage and appointment app at Samsung booth

To learn more about how Skava can integrate clienteling, appointment app and other digital store solutions, request a demo.