Unboxing and ‘Haul’ YouTube Videos Are On The Rise

According to Business Insider, Google found that consumers are increasingly using YouTube to help them shop – watching video reviews and unboxing videos.

So what is an unboxing video?

It’s where users unwrap boxes of new advertised products, primarily electronics such as new iPhone models and capture themselves on video and then upload to it to the web. Unboxing videos depict shoppers unpacking and inspecting products they’ve received. And depending on the item, the video may include demonstrations of setup or how the item is used.

Most importantly, Google is positioning YouTube as a top-shopping destination, encouraging viewers to watch holiday gift videos for shopping inspiration.

Haul Videos engage shoppers across the globe

Haul videos are YouTube’s way of helping you tell your friends and family about your latest purchases.  Some shoppers will add reviews about their shopping experience mentioning pricing and discounts, product quality and features, and ease or difficulty of use.  According to ThinkWithGoogle, videos with “haul” in the title are watched more than 1.1 billion times on YouTube and they’re continuing to grow. During last year’s Black Friday weekend, haul videos had the biggest seasonal spike followed by Christmas and Back to School. Haul videos are a new way for shoppers across the globe to engage with each other and it all starts with the delivery of a favorite brand.  Rather than reading product reviews on a website or product detail pages, haul videos puts the viewer in the shopper’s shoes which brings the review up close and visual.

YouTube launches Awesome Stuff Weeks

YouTube launched its first of many “Awesome Stuff Weeks” earlier this month, inviting popular YouTube personalities to create videos showcasing products users can buy. And to make it more shopping friendly, these videos use “TrueView for shopping” ads. TrueView allows viewers to click on product listings that are overlaid on YouTube videos. When viewers click on the ad, they’re pointed to the brand’s website to continue purchasing there.

Shoppers use YouTube as source for research before heading out to the stores. They use their mobile devices to watch product related videos while shopping in store to help make purchase decisions. In a Google Consumer Survey, one in four shoppers used YouTube to search for a video related to a product they’re considering while in store.

Successful  retailers, who stay ahead of unboxing and haul video trends increase brand awareness by sharing videos whenever they are mentioned.  Leverage the trend and share these type of videos on social media and thank them for their videos.  This is a great source of crowd generated content brands can use to engage and increase followers.

Are you using unboxing or haul videos as part of your holiday or overall marketing plan? Tell us, we’d love to hear more about it!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iwca70_YRM]