4 Things Your Loyalty Program Needs to do this Holiday Season

Your customers are preparing for yet another hectic holiday season shopping. Some are comparing prices and products against your competitor while others are searching and gathering coupons to redeem.

Loyalty programs are key to engage your customers and collect their data in return. Loyalty programs also encourages shoppers to shop more and influence their purchase decision during the holiday season. This year, leverage your loyalty programs to take the engagement even further.

1. Reward Shoppers
Give your customers an incentive to sign up for a rewards program. Customers don’t want to share their personal information. Security, privacy, and meaningless notifications are the top reasons why shoppers never want to share information. Although registering for a rewards program doesn’t require too much information such as name and email, you can do so much with just that. Consider offering extra points for registering, especially during the holiday season. Holiday bonus points will get your customers excited and more likely to shop your brand. And if your shopper has your retail mobile app downloaded, reward them for downloading the app.

2. Remind Customers of their Rewards
Some customers will forget that they even have rewards points. They find their points buried in their profile somewhere without any reminders ever sent. To show that you care, remind your customers to  use their points and coupons during the holiday season, even when they’re about to check out. When the customer is close to completing their transaction online, add an option to redeem their coupon, showing the discounted price if they choose to redeem it. If your customer is shopping in-store with your app downloaded, remind them in store with beacon notifications. Store associates are also a valuable resource to let your customers know that they have a reward. Hence, making the in-store experience more reliable.

3. Personalize Rewards
Personalization is an experience every retailer should have or be working to implement by now. Your customers appreciate individualized relevant content, especially promotions. Track their behavior to see what they search and browse for and their purchase history to get valuable datapoints to personalize their rewards. For example, if your customer always purchases jeans from your brand, give them rewards to redeem during Black Friday. You want to encourage your customers to shop your brand during the holiday season and re engage with them in the New Year.

4. Stay Connected on Social
Social media is a great resource to promote your loyalty program and even offer loyalty incentives. Offer incentives for follows, likes, comments, and shares can earn you a larger audience of shoppers who’ve already expressed interest in your brand. Use behavioral data and emotiographics to deliver exclusive sales and incentives, making their purchase decision easier. Social gives you the ability to stay connected with your customers and engage on a personal level.