Staples: Absolute Best Mobile Guest Checkout

A seamless mobile checkout experience is the most important factor in a mobile commerce site. Mobile Strategies named Staples as the best mobile checkout in the whole entire world. Staples’ mobile checkout has made it easier for consumers to checkout quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Strategies — There is one company that sets the standard for the best mobile checkout: Staples.

Maybe the title isn’t strong enough?  Just in case you were wondering, with my teaser, it is Staples.

We’re talking about best guest mobile checkout—not the checkout for registered users. Many companies have streamlined mobile checkouts for registered users. Customer contact and payment information such as name, address, email and credit card number was already captured upon initial account creation. Amazon One Click is in my opinion the best checkout example for already registered customers. I can’t think of anything simpler than having all your personal data stored in your Amazon account and then just clicking the buy button. Getting all your contact and payment information entered in the first place is another story entirely.

Staples mobile guest checkout has cracked the code on making it as easy as possible to make a purchase on a smartphone as possible.

What makes Staples’ mobile checkout so great? The short answer is all the things that are missing.

Staples mobile checkout is missing:

  • Summary pages of what’s in the shopping cart: products, number of items, colors and sizes.
  • Order confirmation pages and reconfirmation pages
  • Unnecessary fields for data collection such as are you a Miss a Mrs. or a Ms.? And requesting a business name, which just confuses consumers who aren’t ordering for a business.
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Excessive payment options
  • Silly stuff like forced registration, captchas, countdown timers and other items that have no business in a mobile checkout. None.

Instead, Staples’ mobile guest checkout has a user interface that speeds consumers through the checkout by requiring the bare minimum amount of information required to complete a transaction.

Here’s Staples’ mobile checkout for guest users:

This isn’t the summary page, this isn’t one of the pages in a multi-step checkout, this is the checkout.  This is it.  Name, address, phone, email, payment info, cost.

One page. Five fields of data collection. One click. That was easy (see what I did there?)

One of the elements that makes the checkout so efficient is that Staples collapsed three fields into one.  They combined the credit card number, expiration date, and security code into one field.  In addition, Staples eliminated the need for the user to enter which credit or debit card they are using.  Instead, credit card type is identified by the first digit as follows:

3 = American Express
4 = Visa
5 = Mastercard
6 = Discover

In Staples’ mobile checkout, when a user enters the first digit of the credit card, the card type is identified and an icon for that card is shown in the field. In the example below, entering a 3 results in an icon for the American Express card to show in the payment field after which the shopper enters her card expiration date and CVV code.

Staples’ mobile guest checkout gives meaning to the saying, “Less is more.” In fact, for mobile users, Staples’ mobile guest checkout offers the most by having the least.

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