What Makes a Good Gift Finder?

Consumers are frantically shopping for the perfect gifts during the holiday shopping season and they want it fast. Leading retailers are building new features to their ecommerce site such as gift finders to aid consumers in finding the perfect gift. Gift finders help consumers narrow down their options through a series of engaging questions and a chance to discover new products, resulting in improved conversions.

Define the theme
Whether it’s for the holiday season or mother’s day, define a theme for your finder to help establish the type of products you want to showcase and sell. You don’t want to overwhelm consumers with different types of products. What’s the end goal of your gift finder? To meet your monthly sales goals, create brand awareness, or sell new products? For example, if you want to target parents looking for Christmas gifts for their kids, then you would sell toys, games, or children’s apparel.

Make it interactive and engaging
Gift finders are meant to engage consumers on any device from mobile, desktop, and in-store. Use high definition imagery and animations to enhance the user experience. Additional media such as videos and gifs are also encouraged. For example, while the customer is selecting answers to each question, add a video to the side on how a product is used or top rated and top selling items. By adding merchandising capabilities such as filtering and sorting of items and add to bag options, you’re empowering your customer to take control of their shopping journey. Lastly, allow your customers to share the gift finder or their results via social media or email.

Guide your customer to the perfect gift
During the holiday shopping season, your customers want to avoid stress and frantic shopping. Create easy questions to help your customer reach the end goal – to purchase the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you’re targeting parents with young kids, your gift finder should ask what the gender and age of child is, the occasion, their interest, and one last question that relates to their interest. With gift finders, you’re allowing your customer to self-select merchandise in a seamless manner.

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