Top 5 Reasons for Endless Aisle

The in-store experience is evolving and retailers are creating the next generation of in-store experiences. Endless aisle uses digital technology such as interactive kiosks to enable in-store customers to access product information and pricing, make a purchase, or ask for an associate’s help. Endless aisle is beneficial to retailers because it’s an alternative way to engage shoppers in-store.


1. Blending the physical and digital world
Demanding shoppers want a unique, futuristic shopping experience the moment they walk into their favorite brick and mortar store. Although shoppers are constantly digitally connected, they feel more comfortable using their own personal devices to research products or find a better deal.

By using advanced technology, you can implement interactive touch screens throughout the store that provide relevant product information and pricing to help consumers make a purchasing decision. Interactive touch screens or kiosks offer a better experience in-store, displaying rich imagery and videos, reviews, pricing, inventory availability, and the option to call for associate help.

2. Digitally extending the shelf space
While you think you have all the space in the world in your store for products, think again. Digital technologies and tools are proven to provide shoppers your entire inventory. With endless aisle and today’s sophisticated technology, you can extend your shelf space and track down an item at a nearby store to avoid out of stock scenarios. Endless aisle solutions help store associates save the sale from being lost to a brand competitor by confirming in real time that an out-of-stock product can be found at a nearby location.

According to Forrester, “58% of US online consumers expect store associates equipped with mobile devices to be able to look up product inventory at a nearby store.”

3. Associates drive endless aisle sales
Customers expect store associates to stay digitally connected at all times. According to Internet Retailer, 75% of store shoppers use their mobile devices in-store. Organizations must encourage a digital first culture by educating, training, and inspiring their employees to become the face of the brand. 58% of shoppers believed that store associates using handheld mobile computers enhanced their shopping experience, according to a Motorola Study. Training associates to use endless aisle technology is not only valuable to the overall brand, but also to the associate themselves. Even if consumers are using interactive kiosks, associate engagement is even more critical.

4. Maintaining Brand Consistency
Managing multiple channels makes brand consistency a challenge. Brick and mortar is just one channel as part of the customer-shopping journey. As a retailer, your brand must stay consistent in pricing, product information, high quality media, and product inventory availability. As technology innovations such as wearables are evolving during the shopping journey, iQmetrix encourages the use of cloud based solution to build, maintain, and deploy marketing content for multiple channels under one dashboard. That way, you can effectively maintain brand consistency on across all channels.

5. Optimize product merchandising
By using customer data, you have the opportunity to shape the store’s product assortment to match the shopper’s location and place the items in close proximity of each other. Product merchandising in-store also means placing a piece of digital display such as an iPad or tablet device to show shoppers how certain items look together. For example, if the most shopped and purchased item is a floral blouse, you can place an iPad that shows shoppers how the floral blouse looks with pieces of accessories and shoes. In other words, product-merchandising in-store gives the advantage of cross selling items digitally. Understanding shopper lifestyle and behavior is another way to provide personalized experiences for you customers.

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