Sights, Sounds, and Sizzle from IRCE Chicago

The last day at IRCE means scanning more badges, narrowing down the sessions to attend, and collecting as much swag as possible.

While the sessions are meant to be the most thought provoking and idea driven for attendees, the booths provided more context, engagement, and real conversations.

The most engaging and talked about booth was done by Digital River. With a two story space both used for meetings and one-on-one sessions and a car racing game to align with their branding, “built for speed.” This was probably the most crowded booth at the exhibit. My colleague and I took a quick break to get our adrenaline pumped and speed through a raceway! Virtually, of course.

And nobody could miss Avayala’s tiki-esque booth with free margaritas, light up rings, and an open for all party at Carnivale (did you see the acrobats?).

On a serious note, most sessions today focused heavily on video, design, social commerce, measuring conversions and data, and touched upon customer security.

Now, data is a big deal, especially clean and accurate data. Forrester Research shared some interesting insight about data this morning – “By 2020, the amount of data customers create daily will be 100x that of today.”

Robert Hoblit, VP of Product Management of Symantec explained how they increased their customers trust and security resulting to improvе conversion, AOV, and higher in customer satisfaction. Security, merchant reliability, price, and return policy are the four main concerns consumers have when shopping online, according to Holt.

Shoppers are much more concerned with security than they used to be and appreciate when you show concern for their well being.

Thanks for the great show IRCE!

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