IRCE: Understanding the Customer Journey to Drive Business Value

Retailers and vendors swarmed through the exhibit hall at IRCE and rushed to breakout sessions this morning after a few laughs and serious moments at the keynote addresses.

Jason Goldberger, President of and Mobile presented the keynote address followed by special guest speaker Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Reddit.

While the main keynotes set the tone for the whole show and get attendees excited for the week, the break out sessions at IRCE are key to help retailers develop their own business strategy in order to see successful results and of course, improve ROI.

We’ve heard numerous times how important omni-channel is during the customer shopping experience in retail. The key challenge that retailers are now facing is how to develop the framework to successfully approach the omni-channel experience and keep their customers happy wherever they are.

Rue La La and Signal collaborated on how to engage with shoppers with multi-screen devices and experiences in “Taming Multiscreen Mayhem: How to Prioritize, Interpret, and Act on Shopper Insights” to address the key challenge of successfully building a framework to track customers from one touch point to another.

“We need to take a new frame of reference, a new view of how to engage with customers now,” said Jon Stanhope, SVP, Marketing of Signal.

According to Feng Chang, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Strategy, you must focus on member experiences to drive value. In order to do so, the first step is establishing the customer journey – how did they hear about your brand, what device are they using, and what social media platform did they hear about you. The goal is to think about their journey.

The second step is to figure out how they are going to see your brand and shop your products across different devices. You must figure out what are the most prominnet features and functionality that needs to happen when your most loyal customers are on your website or app.

Then, observe and predict their actions and behaviors to provide further personalization for their shopping and browsing experience.

With 14 million strong members and counting, Rue La La understands the importance of getting to know their members from the moment they download or log on to the website to purchase and beyond.

Stay tuned for more on IRCE!

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