Cloud Based Solutions and Unified Commerce are Key Themes at Demandware XChange

“Cloud-based solutions are more nimble. That’s where all the innovation is.”

Scott Galloway, clinical professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and founder of L2 presented at the Demandware XChange Conference in Las Vegas last week, discussing L2’s research on how retailers have an easier time scaling and being nimble with cloud-based platforms.

According to L2’s research, retailers using cloud-based solutions grow 12% more than those on an on-premise platform. While custom solutions require a lot of maintenance and time to build, retailers leveraging cloud based platforms take less time to manage, maintain, and build to grow much faster. In return, according to Galloway, you will get a better return on time, money, and results than using a custom solution.
Demandware chief executive Tom Ebling focused his presentation on how technology has given retailers the opportunity to determine when, where, and how consumers interact with a retail brand.

“Competing on price won’t work. The key is to compete on experience, leveraging both brick and mortar and digital commerce to serve customers however they engage with your brand,” said Ebling during his keynote.

The overall theme of the conference was unified commerce. The concept of unified commerce has emerged, moving away from omni-channel to a complete integration among ecommerce, mobile, and in-store (consumer facing and associate facing) technology.

Demandware announced that it would continue to invest in technology that addresses the need for unified commerce “to empower retailers to engage with customers in new ways, online and in-store,” said Jeff Barnett, chief operating officer of Demandware.

Aside from L2 and Demandware leaders taking the stage, other keynote speakers included Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and John Kalinich, senior vice president of omni-channel operations and ecommerce at Deckers Brands.

On the last day, Demandware announced the winners of the Commerce Pacesetter Awards. Congratulations to Adidas for winning the Commerce Pacesetter Award for Sustained Growth, GoPro for winning the Pacesetter Community Choice Award, and OVS SpA for winning the Innovative Customer Experience Award.

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