iPhone 6 Plus users are data-hungry big spenders, a marketer’s dream

Mobile Marketer — With iPhone 6 Plus users displaying much higher-than-average data consumption rates and order values, it is clear they provide an important new targeting opportunity for mobile marketers.

New data from Citrix shows that iPhone 6 Plus users consume mobile data at twice the rate of iPhone 6 users thanks to their video consumption habits. At the same time, digital commerce platform Skava reports that iPhone 6 Plus users are big spenders.

24063“Skava clearly sees that the iPhone 6 Plus owner is the most lucrative smartphone shopper,” said Danielle McCormick, senior director of marketing at Skava, San Francisco.

“The average order value on iPhone 6+ is $189.72 – which is 258 percent higher than the average order value on other devices where the average shopper spends $73.26 at checkout,” she said.

“This provides a real opportunity for any retailer looking to identify the most lucrative mobile shopper. If retailers and brands segment their campaigns by devices they can create very targeted marketing campaigns based on the audience they want to reach. For luxury good manufacturers it takes the guessing out of where their target market are.”

First-mover advantage

There are no reports of campaigns specifically targeted at iPhone Plus 6 users just yet, but this could change quickly.

Retailers and mobile gaming companies are two groups expected to dive in.

Those that do embrace iPhone 6 Plus users could gain first-move advantage.

“So far, we haven’t seen any specific campaigns targeted specifically at iPhone 6 plus users just yet, but after it was launched Skava kept a close eye on the trends and it was very clear the highest spending and most sophisticated mobile shoppers are more inclined to own an iPhone 6 Plus,” Ms. McCormick said.

“The world of mobile moves fast and unless a company has a dedicated analyst constantly watching these trends, changes like this can be easy to miss,” she said. “They are the leaders in the pack, influence trends and spend far more than any other mobile user.

“It is definitely worth retailers now beginning to consider creating segmented marketing campaigns based on devices.”

Creative opportunities

The iPhone 6 Plus offers an opportunity for marketers to reach mobile users with more creative, graphical ads thanks to its large, high-definition screen.

It is also a success, with strong demand for Apple’s first entry into the phablet category during the fourth quarter helping to make the company the largest smartphone vendor.

“New data released this week from shows that iPhone 6 users spend more time on data heavy applications, such as high-quality video streaming,” said Guillaume Lelait, general manager at Fetch USA. “Therefore, mobile advertisements could potentially be more effective and allows for more creative, graphical videos.

“We’ve worked on some great mobile video advertising campaigns that have shown great success in converting users to download,” he said.

Longer interactions

One of the more obvious marketing opportunities with iPhone 6 Plus users is mobile gaming.

One of Fetch’s gaming clients has already expressed interest in marketing specifically to iPhone 6 Plus users.

“Mobile gaming in particular, can take advantage of the 6 Plus’ larger screen as it encourages longer interaction with the device,” Mr. Lelait said. “This makes it a platform which can drive more revenue because players tend to have longer sessions and be exposed to more in-app advertising.

However, the agency does not expect other marketers to initially see a burning need to leverage the iPhone 6 Plus’ capabilities.

“An app for booking hotels might not require such a sophisticated mobile interface, and thus not care to focus on marketing to 6 Plus users in particular, but rather to mobile users as a whole,” Mr. Lelait said.

When creating marketing for iPhone 6 Plus users, marketers should keep in mind that the larger screen is likely to mean it is not as much of an on-the-go device as a typical smartphone.

At the same time, Apple’s phablet is likely to be a popular browsing device for owners.

“Smaller screens are easier for people on-the-go who want to use one hand to quickly type and send an email on their mobile,” Mr. Lelait said. “So, the 6 Plus is more appealing for browsing, while the 6 and other phones cater more to those on the go, marketing campaigns should be geared towards the needs of the user, and not just set their sights on the bigger screen.”

The iAds angle

One way for marketers to target iPhone 6 Plus users is by leveraging Apple’s iAds platform.

In the fall of 2014, Apple started partnering with at tech companies such as Adroll, which opens up iAds to more marketers and simplify the process of running a campaign through the use of programmatic buying.

“When targeting iPhone 6 Plus users, there’s no better platform than Apple’s iAds,” said Jordan Gray, manager of Creative Labs at Organic. “The device is just one segmentation vector that the powerful re-targeting engine allows you access to.

“Specific app installs, app launches, previous iAd engagement, preferred language, and purchase history since the beginning of iTunes are all working behind the curtain when you specify a segment to target,” he said.

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