Weekly Roundup: What Do Mobile Shoppers Want?

This week, we’ve rounded up the top news and trends around mobile habits, mobile shoppers, and new technology that allows connected consumers to stay more informed.

Mobile shoppers prefer devices over in store employees

According to a new report by Consumer Electronics Association, 58% of mobile shoppers prefer using their own device for information while shopping in store than to ask a sales associate.

The report also showed that 62% of mobile shoppers found the information they received from their mobile devices more beneficial than the information available in store.

While consumers are becoming more connected and tech savvy, brick and mortar stores must invest in in-store technology in order to meet the shopper’s standards. To meet that standard, retailers and other businesses should invest in store associate apps so employees can feel more empowered and gain the right knowledge about the products in the store. The associate app can act as a mobile device to bring up product information, inventory, reviews and ratings, and other information that is beneficial to consumers.

BI Intelligence digs a little deeper into mobile habits

Mobile app and mobile websites are essential for any ecommerce company. In a recent report by BI Intelligence, 58% of mobile retail dollars going to the top 500 mobile retailers will come from mobile web this year.  For traditional retailers, mobile web is more beneficial and popular. For example, Home Depot and Best Buy see nearly 100% of time spend on mobile web.

Consumers prefer to shop on a mobile device, indicating that mobile web is much more convenient for their shopping needs. In 2013, 51% of shoppers were more interested in shopping on mobile websites over apps via their smartphones.

Despite the importance of mobile web to shoppers, retailers “under-utilize their resources for selling though this popular shopping channel,” according to BI Intelligence. 60% of the top 100 global retailers have a mobile website while 32% are showing mobile users a desktop-optimized version of their website.

State Farm’s image recognition app

Image recognition apps are every mobile shopper’s dream. Now, State Farm has partnered with Edmunds.com to launch the CarCapture mobile app that allows users to snap a photo of a car from the back and immediately receive detailed information.



According to Mobile Marketer, mobile users will be able to make a more informed purchasing decision and receive adequate, up to date information regarding a vehicle including make, body type, model, year range and instant quotes from State Farm insurance.

“CarCapture will improve the car-shopping process by providing a convenient one-stop-shop for information on vehicles consumers are interested in buying,” Mr. Edwards said. “Consumers will have quick access to important information that will help them make educated buying decisions.”

Walgreens to promote digital health with wearable tech

The largest drugstore chain is taking a digital approach to promote health with a branded wearable fitness monitor and in-store augmented reality product locators.



Walgreens has also partnered with telehealth to provide access to physicians any time via its mobile app. Back in November, Walgreens debuted with its wristband with an activity tracker to monitor sleep, exercise, and calories consumed.

“We’re absolutely focused on this area of omnichannel digital health,” Adam Pellegrini, vice president of digital health for the Chicago-based chain, recently told a recent conference. “We’re working every day on new ideas.”

New mobile payment startup Nooch

Nooch is a new mobile payment app that works like Venmo, but without the social aspect. Recently launched for iOS, Nooch allows users to privately make payments with others without the social feed.

According to the CEO Cliff Canan, Nooch users can connect their bank account to the app using their online banking credentials, built in feature to dispute charges, and to receive payment or pay a request from a non Nooch user.

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