How To Present Black Friday Deals on a Mobile Website

A few tips to wrap up your Black Friday strategy on your mobile website.

While Black Friday is creeping upon us, retailers are pushing their teams to ensure everything runs smoothly on the busiest day of the year. When putting the right solutions and best deals in place, retailers must remember that Black Friday isn’t like any other sale. With the growth of mobile adoption, retailers are hit with the pressure to provide seamless mobile experiences in and out of store during this holiday season.

Leading retailers have been planning out their Black Friday deals and promotions since the beginning of the year. However, for mobile websites, the experience is vastly different and expectations are much higher than desktop experiences. Aside from fast site performance, user friendly mobile experience, and distributable deals, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to help improve conversions and ensure great success amidst all the mobile traffic.

Deal Centric Landing Pages

Don’t make users navigate from page to page looking for deals and coupons. Set up a deal centric mobile page with all deals, promotions, and coupons for easy access and use with different versions for mobile versus desktop. The homepage of a mobile website is an ideal and convenient location for users to quickly access and use coupons. Normally on a desktop site, pop ups and banners are presented to catch the user’s attention. However, pop ups and banners can overwhelm shoppers on mobile. To ease the mobile shopper, create a dedicated deals and promotions homepage to attract the user.

Filter Deals with Gift Guides

Allow users to find deals based on their interests and needs by setting up filters. The use of gift guides are an attractive way to present deals and enable filters to help the user find what they’re looking for and make it presentable on a mobile website. If a user is searching for deals on children’s clothing, give the user control to filter and sort categories such as gender, size, age group, etc. For a more personalized mobile experience, set up filters to use the shopper’s demographics by device type and location for deals specific to that area.

Flash Sales

Limited time deals are an effective way to capture a shopper’s attention, attract impulse shoppers, and easily move transactions forward. Set up new deals to trigger every hour to put the pressure on shoppers. Allow deals to automatically update without refreshing the page and display a timer showing how much time is left to snag the deal before it’s gone. To make these limited time deals easy to find, present the sale on the homepage or create a flash sale centric landing page, which will allow the user to share the link with others. Similarly to homepage deals, flash sales should not overwhelm the shopper, so avoid pop up deals and pop up timers.


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