Want to know how much revenue a poorly converting mobile website site could cost your business? If so, look no further than the SkavaONE Calculator

Mobile Commerce Daily -The SkavaONE Calculator is a Web-based app that retailers can leverage to calculate potential lost revenue from their mobile channel. Retailers simply need to input data such as their average order value, amount of traffic and conversion rates across platforms in order for the app to calculate the financial implications of a poorly performing mobile site.

“Our clients have realized that the launch of an mcommerce website is just the beginning of their mobile journey, not the end,” said Arish Ali, co-founder and president at Skava. “The SkavaONE Calculator will help retailers realize the ROI a high converting mobile optimized website brings. Through analytics, A/B testing and a flexible platform capable of adapting to the fast paced world of mobile, retailers can grow their bottom line and guard against the competition through improving conversion rates.”

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