Skava report finds UK retailers have made progress in Mobile Commerce but still lag behind American counterparts

Internet Retailing – How times have changed. Just over three quarters (76%) of the top 100 UK retailers have optimized their websites for mobile devices – compared to 100% of top US retailers, with only 25% of the top 20 UK online retailers by revenue having optimized for mobile shoppers. This is a 26% increase on the 50% of UK retailers who had optimized for mobile by March 2013.

So finds research conducted by provider of multi-touch point retail technology Skava. “As mobile traffic continues to grow exponentially and consumers become more comfortable shopping on mobile devices, the onus is on retailers to build best-of-breed mobile websites that provide a seamless user experience from browsing to checkout,” says Arish Ali, Skava CEO.

“Our US clients have seen strong ROI on their mobile investment by drastically increasing conversion rates with a design-driven approach. UK retailers have made ground since last year, with 26 more of the top 100 retailers optimizing for mobile in the last year, but it’s time for them to follow their US counterparts and make a high preforming mobile optimized website mandatory.”

Research firm Forrester estimates that by 2017, revenue from mobile will account for 6.8% of overall retail sales, equating to €19 billion. To highlight the financial implications of a retailer’s poorly performing mobile website, Skava developed the SkavaOne Calculator. By calculating a retailer’s average order value, amount of traffic and conversion rates from across platforms, the SkavaONE Calculator displays with speed and clarity the serious long-term financial implications for retailers who possess a poorly converting mobile website.

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