Skava Announces SkavaSTUDIO™, Allowing Retailers to Quickly Create Outstanding Online Shopping and Marketing Experiences Without Requiring IT Resources

Retailers can now take control of their digital marketing initiatives by quickly building custom designed microsites, look books, gift guides, flash sales, product finders, digital catalogs, and more for web, mobile, and tablet.

San Francisco, California – Skava, the leading provider of mobile commerce and multi-channel digital solutions to retailers, including 25% of the Top 30 Internet Retailers in America, today announced the release of SkavaSTUDIO™, a visual authoring tool for retail marketers.

SkavaSTUDIO™ enables retailers and agencies to quickly create state-of-the-art interactive digital marketing and commerce enabled experiences, without any coding required. These include microsites, look books, landing pages, gift guides, flash sales, product finders, digital catalogs, and many more types of interactive experience and applications for web, mobile, and tablet.

“As ecommerce continues to grow, retail marketing teams are continually looking for ways to create rich experiences for their customers across all channels to improve customer engagement and conversion. SkavaSTUDIO™ empowers them to bring such experiences to life and frees up their IT teams to focus on more strategic projects. Skava has been working closely with retailers for several years and we saw a real need for a solution that addresses the CMO imperative for rapid innovation and meets the CIO imperative for best of breed enterprise class technology,” said Arish Ali, Skava CEO and Co-founder.

Traditionally, marketing teams are dependent on their IT organization to build and implement these types of experiences. Given the significant amount of strategic and critical workload that most retail IT organizations face, it is often hard for the marketing team to get the necessary IT resource for their projects. This results in many promising and interesting digital marketing initiatives never seeing the light of day.

With SkavaSTUDIO™, the marketing team is able to take a creative design for a particular application or mini-site or a campaign, and then bring it to life by authoring it using an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. SkavaSTUDIO™ contains built in support for many of the most common types of marketing campaigns in retail, such as look-books, flash sales, landing pages, gift-guides, catalogs, etc. and many more such applications are being added regularly by the Skava team. SkavaSTUDIO™ allows full creative flexibility and freedom, and includes support for mobile, tablet and desktop channels.

SkavaSTUDIO™ is built upon the SkavaONE™ mobile-commerce platform and has support for full e-commerce integration with the retailer’s web presence and meets the most stringent security, scalability and performance requirements of the largest retailers. The marketing team can rest assured that this will be a solution that will meet the approval of their IT departments and can become a seamless extension of the retailer’s existing desktop and mobile offerings.

SkavaSTUDIO is already being used by several of Skava’s clients including multiple Top 30 online retailers, who were given early access to the tool and who are now using it in production.

Skava will be attending the conference in Chicago. To receive a demo of SkavaSTUDIO, visit booth #816. To learn more about Skava’s solutions, visit

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