Growing Top-Line Revenue
Growing online revenue requires continuous innovation, quickly translating ideas into captivating experiences. Companies must plan to be future proof and easily fold in and experiment with nascent technologies.
Legacy monolithic solutions inhibit innovation. Changes are limited in scope, costly and resource intensive. Unfortunately, enterprise companies are struggling to keep up and provide their tech-savvy customers what they want, when they want it.
Skava Commerce offers a modern solution built on cloud microservices. It’s nimble, freeing you up to transform ideas into experiences at lightning speed.
Grow your top line revenue by creating shopping experiences that are engaging, drive sales and convert visitors into loyal customers.
In today’s hyper-competitive space, every improvement towards delivering an engaging customer experience makes a difference.
Optimizing On-Line Operations
Companies must continually squeeze margins and optimize operations to stay competitive.
Legacy monolith systems require massive deployments and limit what companies can do. It’s challenging to try out new ideas and to improve operations. Investing in legacy is a myopic point of view.
Skava Commerce is a robust, reliable and cost-effective commerce platform. Deploy a full platform quickly or pick and choose individual components and capabilities. Deploy on demand to meet your customer’s needs while continuously improving operations and costs.
88% of customers prefer a quality experience to the latest, most innovative products according to research conducted by Deloitte.
Rethinking the Customer Experience
Customer experience is at the heart of every business model. 86% of customers would pay more for better customer experience. Today’s tech-savvy customers expect a smooth, seamless experience when they interact with a brand, and 69% of them would switch brands if they were unhappy with their experience.
Monoliths may cater to today’s needs but are not designed for a continually changing marketplace. Trying out new concepts and quickly transforming ideas into engaging experiences are not their strong suit.
Companies must rely on nimble and hyper-flexible platforms to provide a quality experience and a unique voice in a noisy marketplace. Skava Commerce, a modern ecommerce platform, built with cloud micorservices, spearheads this new generation of hyper-flexible platforms. Making every moment shoppable.
Customer Segments
Enterprise Solutions
Skava Commerce offers unparalleled flexibility for modern commerce. Deploy an advanced end to end commerce solution that supports your business goals. Transform ideas into enticing experiences, deploy at lightning speed and provide a truly seamless omnichannel experience.
With Skava Commerce, you don’t have to re-platform entirely, allowing you to make the best of your existing commerce stack. Our hyper flexible platform will enable you to add front-end and back-end Skava Commerce components and capabilities to your current commerce stack or build your own.
Mid-Market Solutions
Skava Commerce opens new possibilities for mid-market companies. In the continuum that spans between deploying a full-fledged commerce solution, to building your own and folding in best in class components, Skava Commerce plays a crucial role.
With Skava, mid-market players can quickly deploy a nimble solution and veer away from complex, multi-year deployments. Skava Commerce is designed to continuously innovate and keep you in lockstep with your customers’ expectations and ahead of your competition. Skava’s solutions are designed to empower business teams to ideate quickly and create enrapturing customer experiences.
Skava Commerce is a modern, nimble solution that is built using cloud-based microservices. Pick and choose only the components you need or quickly deploy the full solution in a fraction of the time compared to our competition.
Industry Solutions
Skava Commerce, a modern ecommerce platform, built with cloud micorservices, is spearheading a new generation of hyper-flexible solutions. Enjoy a rich and flexible reference web storefront designed for modern commerce backed by a powerful experience management tool and content targeting. Pick and choose individual microservices to create a solution that is right for you and your customers. Our platform includes rich integrations out of the box and is designed to support any 3rd party integration.
Skava Customers
Solutions We Currently Provide Our Customers Include:
Ready to Deploy Solutions
Skava empowers you to deliver modern commerce with state of the art ready to deploy solutions including experience management and microservices.
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Omni Channel Retail Experience
Customer loyalty can be won or lost depending on their experience with a retailer, either in-store or digitally. Retailers understand this and are continually challenged to innovate and provide a cohesive omnichannel shopping experience that’s engaging, leads to sales and converts visitors into loyal customers.

Skava Commerce is designed to meet this challenge by offering a highly flexible omnichannel solution that can be implemented seamlessly across all sales channels and devices.
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Consumer Packaged Goods
CPG companies are heavily dependent on partners and distributors to sell their products. They have to compete with other brands for a precious placement in a department store or supermarket. They have very little control over marketing efforts that are made to promote their products and almost no control over data that are collected by such partners and distributors. On the other hand, launching an innovative online store requires massive investments in warehouses and inventory management. Skava Commerce offers an alternative to get the best of both worlds.
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Brand Manufacturer
A brand is a promise. It is the promise you make to your customers about what they can expect from interacting with you. It is your most significant asset and is reflected in everything you do and the experiences you deliver. Creating a unique voice with an engaging and seamless digital presence is key to make good on that promise. Continuously refining and reinventing customer-centric experiences requires a nimble and modern ecommerce platform that is designed specifically for that purpose.
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In-store Commerce
Payments Solution for Emerging Markets
Skava streamlines in-store core business functions including device financing, linking offers to available financing plans, managing retail pricing, manage bank product offers and manage trade-in offers for consumers, retailers, trade-in partner, bank, and finance partner.
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Financial Services
Financial services companies are starving for innovative, engaging and meaningful ways to connect with their customers. Initially designed for retail, Skava Commerce offers financial services companies the ability to leverage innovation and redefine enticing, omnichannel customer experiences.
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Telecom has morphed into much more than delivering telecom and wireless services for both B2B and B2C. Customers are craving for more engaging ways to connect with their providers for a variety of services and products. Skava Commerce helps telecom players revamp and rethink what it means to deliver engaging experiences.
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