Simple to Use

SkavaSTUDIO is a cloud based experience management tool that is easy to use even for non-technical business and marketing users.

Empower your business teams to orchestrate and manage brand, product, and promotion related content in real-time, across web, mobile, social and in-store. With an intuitive, WYSIWYG editing interface, your marketers can easily create and edit web pages and mobile apps and configure them for your defined customer segments and promotion periods. Save time and meet harsh deadlines by quickly creating single or multiple website updates, smarter check-out forms, marketing landing pages and other digital experiences.

Powerful Features

Digital experiences are extremely powerful in influencing your customer's perception about your brand. It is imperative to provide compelling content, relevant shopping experiences, and a unified brand presence. You can use SkavaSTUDIO to develop and manage a full spectrum of digital experiences including E-commerce Websites, Mobile Apps, Digital Catalogs and In-Store Displays.

SkavaSTUDIO has built in CMS and DAM capabilities and can also work with existing 3rd party CMS and DAM systems. SkavaSTUDIO has strong SEO capabilities including semantic markup. All the pages and screens rendered by Studio have built-in optimizations and the Skava platform ensures high performance and scalability.

Developer Friendly

SkavaSTUDIO is designed to make front end developers more productive. Developers can use from a powerful gallery of existing widgets and templates and create their own to promote re-usability and faster development. The Scaffolding framework in Studio generates boilerplate code for rapidly building new widgets.

SkavaSTUDIO is "microservices aware" and integration to underlying SkavaSTREAM APIs can be done through the Studio GUI without writing any code. SkavaSTUDIO supports various popular front end Javascript/HTML5 libraries making it easy for developers with standard front end skill-set to become productive very quickly.

Skava also provides extensive documentation and training for developers.