Designed for Speed and Innovation
Skava Commerce is unlike any other full-stack commerce offering.

Other platforms are often monolithic in nature, built as a single, tightly coupled unit. Modifications are difficult, especially when commerce is moving at lightning speed and it is increasingly challenging to keep up.

Skava Commerce, born digitally native, is built using modular microservices architecture.

Microservices allow you to ideate and release updates quickly, iterating on new features over the course of days instead of months.

Innovate with confidence and delight your customers by delivering precisely what they want, when they want it.
The Possibilities are Endless
Skava Commerce tackles many of today’s disruptive business challenges by offering an array of rich and extendable front-end applications, admin layer and back-end commerce microservices.

Deploy and scale each capability independently to support whatever your business needs may be.

It’s up to you to pick and choose flexible capabilities to serve your specific needs.
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Skava Commerce Stack
In Store Endless Aisle App
Empower shoppers to browse,discover, and purchase on their own with interactive touch screens to display your entire product catalog and that of your suppliers. Access to catalogs, finders, gift guides, and request for store associate help. Includes: Product search, filtering, categorization, and showcasing.
mCommerce App
Mobile influences close to 50% of ecommerce revenue but is only accountable for a small portion of it. Every advantage gained translates to immediate value. Skava’s industry-leading mobile commerce empowers enterprises to deliver enticing and personalized shoppable experiences to every customer.
Mobile Applications
Provide a smooth mobile app experience to keep consumers engaged by adding easy checkout capabilities, autosave user’s information, and eliminate mobile commerce friction.

Drive in-store specific promotions, notifications, and convert the retail app into an in-store app with beacon support, allowing users to connect with store associates and provide personalized assistance instantly.
Smart Zones
SmartZones allows top brands and partners to publish targeted content on your website or digital properties by displaying different content to different customer tiers and segments. Refine the content delivery by the number of impressions, clicks or conversions and throttle by the time of the day and frequency. Use in-built widgets to deliver the smart content, or create your own custom widgets.
Skava’s signature Experience Management tool empowers business teams and 3rd party developers to create powerful experiences on the fly. Quickly create modern responsive ecommerce sites and mobile apps. SkavaSTUDIO comes with robust CMS, DAM, and Workflows coupled with role-based user management. It’s easily extensible and can be customized to fit your brand.
Reference Web Storefront
Rich and consistent omnichannel experience across all devices and touchpoints. Modern commerce capabilities with online and instore supporting ever-changing customer needs and expectations.
Front-end Experience Layer
Skava Commerce offers a wide array of customer centric ecommerce solutions for mid to large enterprises. Quickly deploy a reference web storefront powered by cloud microservices. Design shoppable experiences on the fly with SkavaSTUDIO, our experience manager tool. Allow customers to engage with you wherever they are with Skava's industry leading Endless Aisle and mCommerce app. Personalize and refine content with SmartZones, Skava’s content targeting tool. Skava Commerce comes with rich APIs and is easily customizable, allowing you to capture shoppable moments anywhere, anytime, and keep lockstep with today's ever changing world of commerce.
Skava Commerce Stack
Skava Commerce’s hyper flexibility is built using loosely-coupled architecture, allowing customers to independently deploy front-end and back-end ecommerce components, and easily extend either layer. Our customers can pick and choose only the components they need or select the full platform. Go to market faster and continuously innovate. Integrate with a multitude of 3rd party capabilities using a rich open API orchestration.
Each business capability is encapsulated as a separate dockerized service. With its own business logic. Its own database and its own consumer-grade admin console. Microservices expose API and communicate with each other.
Core Platform
Skava’s core platform is designed for success by including powerful components that allow customers to scale on demand with confidence and trust that your online interfaces will be available to anyone at any time.
Front-end Experience
An engaging online store is at the heart of every interaction with your brand. Skava empowers you to deliver modern commerce with state of the art solutions. Experience Layer components include; Reference web storefront: Ready to use modern shopping site using React/ Node.js Framework, Single-Page Application (SPA), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP). SkavaSTUDIO: Self-service, Experience Management Tool with CMS, DAM, and Workflows to help your teams quickly transform ideas into experiences. Smart Zones: Content targeting and personalization. In-store Endless Aisle: Present in-store shopper with your full catalog as well as that of your partners and suppliers. Mobile Applications and mCommerce: Industry-leading mobile commerce capabilities to support seamless omnichannel experiences.
Back-end Microservices
Microservices are a proven concept that is reshaping software. The goal of microservices architecture (MSA) is to improve development agility, deployment, flexibility, scalability and portability of application features. Each business capability is encapsulated as a separate dockerized service. With its own business logic. Its own database and its own consumer-grade admin console. Microservices expose API and communicate with each other and other components. This unparalleled flexibility enables you to continuously innovate and deliver the experiences your customers are craving for.
Core Platform
Skava’s core platform is designed for success by including powerful components that allow customers to scale on demand with confidence. See Leading with Results. Core components include; SkavaSTREAM API Management and Service Composition, Caching and Session Management, Circuit Breaker Layer, Integration and Content Sourcing Layer, Data Storage Layer, Performance Optimization and PCI compliance, and Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring of all deployment and proactive support by our Network Operations Center (NOC).
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Skava’s Difference
Engaging Omni Channel Experiences
Give your customers an experience they expect and deserve, expressed in a consistent brand narrative and delivered through a natural interface, in-store, mobile and desktop.
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Flexible and Nimble Platform
Enjoy a rich and flexible web storefront designed for modern commerce powered by microservices of your choice developed into a hyper-flexible headless commerce solution with 3rd party integration.
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Improve Sales and Brand Loyalty
Truly achieve continuous integration, continuous deployment and continue to innovate and give customers exactly what they want, when they want it. In turn, this leads to more sales and builds brand loyalty.
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