Store Associate Apps

Bridge the Gap Between Shoppers and Associates

Skava's Store Associate Assisted Selling App provides the right technology to help your store sales associates drive more sales and provide personalized experiences to every shopper. With merchandize information at their fingertips, your employees become knowledgeable brand experts and personal stylists ready to answer any question. Store managers can provide up-to-date information on your brand, products, in-store and online inventory and store locations. Store associates can further drive revenue by recommending options, cross-selling and up-selling items that your customers didn't even know they wanted and close sales with in-app checkout capabilities.

Build and Maintain Customer Relationships

There's nothing more meaningful when your associates make a connection with your store shoppers. Our solution empowers your sales associates to identify in-store customers and cater to their specific needs. Store associates can leverage existing customer data such as customer profiles, order history, average spend, preferred selection and more to provide a superior shopping experience. If a product is unavailable, shoppers can order from an online inventory, reserve items at another store and have it shipped to their desired location.

Multi-Device Support

Whether you have one or 100 devices to run our app, you can conveniently manage them all across all your store locations from a single dashboard. Centrally and remotely manage your store devices such as a mobile POS, kiosks and tablets, so your associates can focus on delivering a relevant shopping experience for your customers.

Improve Brand-Employee Connect

Your employees are mobile-engaged for personal reasons, why not continue their engagement for your business. With Skava's Store Associate Enterprise App, you can reach all your staff including business and store leaders, sales, operations and customer representatives instantly. Share corporate messages, company news, enterprise events, employee recognition, surveys and other useful business resources to help cultivate a stronger connection with your brand and work-place culture.

Increase Business Productivity

Achieve new level of productivity by making your store employee's work-life easier with our in-store technology offering. Share training videos and various digital knowledge-based content to help them solve work challenges and perform their jobs better. Speed up communication and collaboration between your on-the-go store teams as well as various operational departments. Use push notifications to deliver targeted messages such as project deadlines, retail trend alerts, sales and operations related information and valuable, actionable insights for faster, effective decision making.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Your store associates represent your brand. Empower them with up-to-date information on your company, products, promotions, services and stores, so they can educate and build meaningful interactions with your highly informed customers. By placing real-time information in their hands, your engaged sales representatives can meet consumer demand, boost your revenue and deliver a positive brand image that reflects innovation and forward thinking.