Smart Zones

Reach More Customers

Plan, build, target, and deliver eye-catching, contextual promotional offers with Skava's Smart Zones. Reach more customers by placing targeted product banners, coupons, pop-ups and other kinds of ads at precise locations on your digital properties such as, websites, mobile, social, emails, POS receipts and more.

Deliver Targeted Promotions

Convert more prospects by delivering targeted product content and promotions at the right time. Create offers and campaigns easily by selecting custom creative widgets and varied sized ad formats for mobile and web from our extensive library. Use customer targeting options based on location, bag size, custom keywords and more to create relevant messaging. Schedule and manage ad delivery based on your goals and limits.

Maximize Results

Empower your marketing teams to create and manage campaigns that deliver results by arming them with actionable advertising intelligence. Get reporting on various attributes of your campaign such as, impressions, click-throughs and conversions to measure your effectiveness.