Smart Signage

Bridge the Gap Between Mobile and In-store

What was once a dull, in-store shopping experience is now completely transformed into a more interactive and engaging one with Smart Signage. Smart Signage is a cloud-based software solution that comes with authoring capabilities for easy customization. Intelligently designed with advanced technology, Smart Signage delivers the ultimate digital shopping experience, bridging the gap between mobile and in-store.

Real-Time Updates

Rapidly create, manage and distribute content to all channels instantly. Inform in-store customers about the latest product promotions, the moment the sale starts. Skava's Smart Signage solution allows retailers to showcase exquisite product imagery and promotions with customizable features and interactivity. Whether it's inside your store, or in a shopping center, you can simply manage and update unlimited displays in real-time all from a single dashboard for maximum flexibility.

A Futuristic Shopping Experience

Smart Signage has a profound impact on the retail shopping experience and enables shoppers to make more informed purchasing decisions. In-store customers expect to find product information quickly and without any hassle. Impressive product displays in your store will not only motivate shoppers to interact with your digital signage display, but will incentivize them to buy more. Do this right, and you'll see enormous gains from a cost-effective Smart Signage solution.