Retail Optimized Search Engine

Skava search microservice is a robust search engine built on top of Apache SOLR that has been specifically optimized for retail and eCommerce use cases. Skava search understands category hierarchies, product attributes and sitemaps and also supports curation of search results. It supports redirections for top searches (eg. stores to store locator) and can group search results by category. Search results can be filtered by facets. The engine also provides excellent and high-converting contextual type-ahead results.

The Skava search engine has been optimized to provide very fast responses to even extremely large data set (eg. one deployment has over 25 million SKUs). Built on a standard SOLR stack, the engine can easily be configured and optimized for your specific needs.

Increase Conversion

Increase conversion with contextual, visual, and personalized search results. Offer type ahead search suggestions and deliver relevant search results. Utilize automatic stemming, synonym mapping, refinement and sort, configure and weightage, curated grouping by category or brands. Gain actionable insights from Big Data and analytics. Track by top keywords, cart additions, AOV, Null results, and exits.

Advanced Analytics and Easy Integration

Skava search engine has built in analytics that allows you to measure KPIs from a centralized dashboard, or through your existing analytics platform. You can plug-n-play different search experiences such as "Users who Searched for this" as well as "Trending Searches," and "Did you mean?" search results. The Skava search microservice can be used standalone and in conjunction with your existing eCommerce platform.