Evolution is Inevitable

The Skava Commerce platform has evolved from its roots as an industry leading mobile-commerce platform, to a complete e-commerce platform with a modern, next generation micro-services architecture. With a complete set of retail specific microservices including PIM, Search, Promotions, Cart & Checkout, User Management and more, along with integrations with popular OMS platforms and transaction gateways, the Skava platform can serve as a drop-in replacement for any of the older legacy e-commerce platforms you may be using. The Skava platform can also work as an add-on to existing e-commerce platforms thus providing you with the flexibility to gradually phase out an older platform.

Cloud Microservices are the Future

The Skava Commerce platform microservices allow you to pick and choose the exact services and modules you are interested in. You can replace any microservice by your own implementation, or ask us to customize our implementation based on your unique needs, or you can even plug in a third party vendor through our microservices adapter layer. With a full set of out of the box e-commerce microservices at your disposal, this is your chance to build the ideal digital platform for your unique needs. Each microservices can scale independently and the whole platform can scale based on traffic and demand, ensuring the sites and apps always stay up and running even at peak Black Friday load and the computing capacity powers down during low traffic periods to save cost.

Business Benefits

  1. Rapid Updates - The modular framework ensures rapid updates to any part of the platform and the SkavaSTUDIO tool allows for instant publishing capability to websites and mobile applications.
  2. Self-Service - Business and marketing can make update using our admin tools and SkavaSTUDIO, without requiring an IT developer to get involved for every change.
  3. Creative Freedom - Build the exact experience you need without being constrained by technology. With the advent of AI, NLP, Virtual Reality and other trends in technology, you will need this freedom to capture the imagination of your users.
  4. Eliminate Technology Anxiety - Since each component can be developed, deployed and scaled independently, this means making a change in one microservice will not risk destabilizing the whole site. This results in lesser time spent in QA cycles and more time spent in productive updates.
The modern architecture of the platform ensure that you focus their investment dollars on the specific features and microservices that will have the most positive impact on your business.