Responsive E-commerce Websites

The Right Experience on Any Device

Skava can help you quickly build full e-commerce websites that render quickly on any devices. The Skava platform has built in support for optimizing the website across different form factors and SkavaSTUDIO makes it easy to manage and update the site.

The Skava "White Label" reference template for responsive e-commerce sites includes baked in best practices for all the key pages in an e-commerce experience, including home page, category pages, department pages, product list pages, product detail pages, quick view, search, cart and checkout.

These websites can be built on any existing e-commerce platform, taking advantage of our integration and experience with all leading platforms.

Responsive & Adaptive

SkavaSTUDIO features the "Smart Layout" features which allows you to develop responsive pages which automatically layout across responsive breakpoints. SkavaSTUDIO also allows you to override any responsive page with a separate adaptive page for specific devices. This gives the best of both worlds approach to site development, where you can use common responsive pages for most of your website but hand tune with highly optimized adaptive pages where it will make a difference in the user journey.

Custom Design

Skava also supports full custom designed e-commerce websites and these can take advantage of new UX paradigms (for example, search driven navigation rather than a rigid sitemap) and single page apps. Skava ensures that any websites developed on the Skava platform still benefit from the same level of high performance, security and scalability as any other out of the box website templates on the Skava platform.