Personalize Your Storefront

Our powerful and highly configurable recommendations engine empowers you to personalize your online storefront using hundreds of product and usage strategy elements. Built on top of Apache Mahout, Skava's Recommendation engine provides Big Data recommendations to personalize the cross-sell and upsell experience. Customize your e-commerce initiatives by showing category top sellers, recently viewed items, top picks for you, suggested for you, and many more.

Measure Revenue Boost

Our built in analytics and reporting tool provides in-depth insights into every action your customer takes. From recommended product clicks, recently viewed and purchased items to data on personalization, customer distribution and active customers by channel, our customizable, customer activity reports enable you to measure your commerce effectiveness and improve your online marketing strategy on an on-going basis.

Measure UI and Management

Our road tested, powerful recommendation engine empowers you to simply create as many strategies as possible from product (global top sellers, similar products, also viewed) to user based (recently viewed, top picks for you, favorite brands). With our intuitive administrative tool, simply adjust weights and parameters that optimize the selected algorithm and strategy. When your customer is at checkout, showcase items recently bought or complementary items to their cart and measure the effectiveness.