Increase Conversion

Increase your revenue by incentivizing your shoppers to shop and buy more products. Cross-sell, upsell and recommend products. Offer targeted promotions, such as, "Buy X, get $X off.", shipping and product discounts, by either a fixed amount, or a percentage, loyalty points and much more.

Versatile Promotional Parameters

Create your own promotional parameters based on any product attributes you want. Implement targeted promotions, based on cart quantity, departments, categories, products, stores, transactions, registrations and more. Easily schedule promotions and further customize by specifying promotion duration periods.

Improve Efficiency for Promotional Process

The remarkably simple and easy-to-use interface makes product pricing management a breeze. Import, export, enlist, and delist product pricing attributes easily and efficiently. View, edit, preview, and publish promotional information, to create a systematized review and approval process.