Captivate Your Shoppers

Deliver a relevant shopping experience to your customers with our powerful personalization platform. We take a unique approach to personalization that analyzes customer journey as a whole. Our Personalization engine takes customer preferences, sentiment analysis and Big-Data powered recommendation strategies to provide a personalized experience on every channel. Our state-of-the-art, rich portfolio of personalization algorithms will help you create a relevant shopping experience for your customers. Deliver spot-on product recommendations, targeted promotions and related digital content to your shoppers at precise points along their purchase path for a superior site experience.

Understand Your Customer's Intent

By using the customer journey approach, Skava's Personalization engine collects and understands customer data based on preferences and behavior such as category navigation, search, add items to cart, product and other pageviews, and purchases. Our tool allows you to segment users by device, loyalty status, and overall behavior and harness the data to deliver what customers demand

Go Beyond the Sitemap

Our robust personalization engine empowers you to create a different user interface for every shopper that goes beyond the sitemap and search box. Acquire and maintain your most valuable customers by using sentiment analysis to build user sentiment for each product from product details and user reviews and showcase them as hashtags.