Mobile Fulfillment

Optimize Your Order Processing

While order processing is typically a back-end process, it's impact can be felt throughout the retail business. From a shopper who gets a wrong item to customer service that receives complaints from upset consumers, if not handled well, ineffective order processing can impact not only your brand's image but also customer loyalty and sales revenues. With Skava's Mobile Fulfillment Pick and Ship Application, you can optimize and eliminate inefficiencies by empowering your store associates to complete orders promptly and effectively.

Improve Your Picking Process

Accuracy is key when it comes to your picking process. With our mobile app, your sales associates can deliver a streamlined and error-free process by choosing orders using few easy options - swipe from a list of pending orders, use advanced sort functionality, use narrow by or sort by drop down menus, search using item id or order number. Your customer reps also have the ability to check inventory levels by selecting the order and item number to see if the product is actually available or not. They can then process the order, change its status from pick to picked, view completed orders and have the option to send it to archive.

Provide Flexibility to Your Team

One of the biggest challenges in completing an order is that your team spends time walking around the warehouse, from one station that receives the orders to various product locations and back. Our mobile application eliminates multiple steps that are involved by giving your store associates the freedom and flexibility to process orders anytime, anywhere in the warehouse.