Mobile Commerce Apps

Industry Leading Mobile Apps

Today's mobile-first customers are empowered more than ever to discover, explore, buy, ask, and engage with brands. As retailers, you must deliver mobile experiences that exceed these expectations. Built using our highly scalable, cloud platform, Skava Commerce, our native and hybrid mobile commerce apps enable you to create differentiated and powerful mobile experiences for your most connected shoppers. With fast loading speed, simplified user experience and reliable performance, our mobile commerce apps are built to improve shopper conversions and boost sales. We are the industry leader for mobile commerce apps and we can help improve engagement and conversion in your mobile apps.

Native Apps in the Cloud

Use SkavaSTUDIO and our "White Label" Mobile Application framework to rapidly customize and launch your native mobile apps. Our Native Studio SDK allows you to make updates to the application without having to re-submit the app to the app store. The updates are rendered natively providing best performance and responsiveness. We know you probably have a lot of technology options for mobile development, integration and management, make sure you select a partner that provides complete, best-in-class m-commerce capabilities, not just for today but for tomorrow as well. Easily and securely integrate your app with your ecommerce back-end systems, loyalty rewards program and third party payment partners. Get insights on app usage and performance, analytics to understand your customer's mobile journey and reduce cart abandonment.

Loyalty & Engagement

We strongly believe that mobile apps are about providing a superior experience to your most loyal consumers. Use our Loyalty, Promo and Smart Zones microservices to create personalized and differentiated app experiences for your users. Delight your mobile shoppers with relevant content specific to their likes and based on their shopping behavior and history, so they get exactly what they want. Deliver enticing and personalized promotional deals through push notifications that will tempt them to open your app, browse, and make purchases instantly. Using SkavaSTUDIO, you can instantly create product finders, digital catalogs, lookbooks and other digital experiences to further engage shoppers. You can also convert your app into an in-store app to engage your mobile shoppers for store specific deals, information, and store maps for product locations.