Drive Sales

With robust technology, Listing empowers your customers to quickly create favorites and shopping lists from any device. Customers have the ability to add any products to their lists, order out-of-stock items or ones they are running low on and purchase them later. Engage customers and influence their purchase decisions by informing them about promotions such as free shipping offers or discounts or if the items of their interest are marked at a lower price.

Extend the Experience

Allow your customers to shop and maintain items in their shopping lists between browsing sessions and from every device. They can log out of the site and log back in, without losing their saved items. Empower customers to extend their shopping experience to their friends and family, by simply sharing a particular item or entire list, across all social channels

Mutually Beneficial

Our robust Listing microservice integrates seamlessly into your existing e-commerce system to provide an exceptional backend and frontend experience. While the shopper is simply adding items to their list and is gently reminded of their items, Listing helps retailers measure product interest beyond a sale with our admin tool. Use actionable data to identify their favorite or saved items, then showcase recommended products on any, or every page for a more personalized experience.