Endless Aisle

Go Beyond Brick and Mortar Limitations

With in-store kiosks, shoppers can independently and simply access digital catalogs, view reviews and ratings, product information and pricing, shop the brand's entire inventory from any store, access coupons, and request an associate's assistance on the spot.

Stay Loyal to the Brand Your Customers Love

Leverage product search, filtering, categorization and showcasing. Gain easy access to catalogs, finders, gift guides, and request for store associate help. Centrally controlled experiences from a single dashboard lets you deploy and manage multiple devices. Launch proximity-based marketing campaigns with beacon integration. Benefit from social sharing, personalization, and loyalty integrations.

Transform the Customer Journey

Customers expect to get what they want, when they want it, wherever they want it. Endless Aisle leverages inventory lookup and product information systems (PIMs), enabling brands to engage customers with information and provide insights about products not physically in the store. Gone are the days of telling customers they can't purchase a product in-store because it's online only. The complexity of omnichannel processes are simplified with our Endless Aisle solution.